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Adobe Photoshop is the most popular and widely used graphics editing tool both for regular and professional users. From high-quality photo manipulation to original artwork creation, GIMP includes options to create icons, graphical design elements, color management features etc. And the customization options along with third-party plugins make your work a bit easier. Most likely GIMP is already installed on your system. If not, you can search in the official software repository to install GIMP.

Get GIMP. Adobe Illustrator is a standard tool suited for vector graphics editing and design. With an impressive set of drawing tools and effects, it is widely used for vector editing, posters creations etc. Inkscape is a very competitive, free and open source tool to Adobe Illustrator. A powerful vector editor, Inkscape has flexible drawing tools, various file format compatibility, powerful text tools and support for Bezier and spiro curves.

It supports advanced scalable vector graphics features like markets, clones and blending. Get Inkscape. Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing application used primarily for creating posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, books etc. It supports exporting a file to epub format for creation of e-books. When it comes to an alternative to Adobe InDesign, Scribus provides a powerful and easy alternative. Scribus is a free and open source application available for all major operating systems and is based on the free Qt toolkit.

See more tutorials. Need help installing? Help with your membership. Forgot your Adobe ID or password? You might find Adobe Animate a bit underwhelming for your needs. TVPaint Animation was originally released in To use TVPaint Animation, you will have to pay a one time fee for a full license.

It is more expensive than Adobe Animate, but the quality of the drawing and the lines is generally better. Adobe Animate does not work on Android, so if you need to create professional animations on an Android device, consider TVPaint.

TVPaint has several features. Its 2D animation software, based on bitmap technology, allows you to traditionally animate natural rendings. It comes with the ability to set up your own shortcuts, as well as animate on paper and scan the paper to create digital animation. You can import videos easily and make use of the other awesome tools available in the software.

TVPaint is not as easy to use as Adobe Animate. There is a bit of a learning curve involved, though professional and educational training can be arranged. The TVPaint Animation Educational and Upgrade licenses have other prices, so check the TVPaint pricing page for updated pricing information. Synfig Studio is a great free alternative to Adobe Animate.

It is a 2D animation software that can be used on Macs, Windows, and Linux computers. Synfig is an open source software. While the sources are available on Github, the actual software can be downloaded for free from the Synfig Studio website homepage. There are two versions you can download: the stable version and the beta version. The beta version will have some new features that are being tested and have not yet been released on the stable version, but you may find it buggy.

You need to have at least a Windows 7 or a Mac OS x If you have a Linux computer, you must have a Linux distro released in or later. Synfig even comes with video courses that teach you how to use Synfig Studios to create beautiful animations. The video tutorials are available in English, Russian, German, and French. Enve is another open source 2D animation software that is a great alternative to Adobe Animate if you are looking for something free.

Animators can use Enve to create both vector and raster animations, as well as video and audio files. Enve is available for both Windows and Linux, and you can download it here.

The beginners will appreciate its usability and helpful guide system that will take you through the steps of creating top-notch stuff. Verdict: This cross-platform Adobe Animate free alternative allows you to simplify the process of producing top-notch 2D animation. It works with vector graphics, so you can create both simple animated objects and film-quality animation. Synfig Studio has a professional interface with a convenient workspace. All the tools are logically organized into several kits.

This animation system is designed to mainly work with vector objects, so you won’t experience such a problem as pixelation.

The strong feature of the program is the ability to interpolate between the key frames. Verdict: OpenToonz is a free version of the popular professional program for creating animations — Toonz. It is an open-source Adobe Animate alternative, which means that you can develop the program, adding new features and improving the graphical interface.

OpenToonz includes tools for creating the so-called skeletal animation and supports the traditional animation drawing. Being compatible with the TWAIN standards, the program can capture images from scanners and digital cameras. OpenToonz has a variety of palettes, paints, inks, custom brushes and other useful tools.

For example, you can change the style of an image, create an incident light effect, add a Distortion Wave, etc. Verdict: Despite being open-source software, Pencil 2D boasts powerful tools for producing vector and bitmap animation. If you want to create a color project using a pencil, pen or brush, this Animate CC alternative will allow you to do this without any hassle.

Due to a clear and intuitive interface, even a beginner can quickly figure out all features of the software. It means that it might not work as expected. Install this program.

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Adobe animate cc ubuntu free. 10 Adobe Animate Alternatives in 2022


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