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This game has an amazing feel to it. You’ll be able to grow a variety of different crops ranging from tomatoes to grapes as you progress through the game. Very fun, very relaxing free play farming game. Rate: Alice Greenfingers Tap to Rate.


Alice greenfingers full version free download pc


The one big downside is the lack of direction or goals. You’re not working towards anything specific, aside from more money. Some concrete goals and objectives could have added some more incentive and a reason to replay. One possible drawback of the game is the level of difficulty. You are able to play at your own pace in this game, and none of the goals you need to meet are very challenging.

This makes the game a great choice for newer players or anyone looking for a more relaxing task management experience, but also means that more experienced and skilled players won’t find much of a challenge to keep them engaged.

The basic controls and gameplay of Alice Greenfingers are simple and introduced to you as you first begin the game. The start of the game takes you through simply interacting with items, digging up soil to plant, seeding the soil, watering plants, harvesting, and anything else you need to know. This game is simple enough for anyone to learn very quickly and begin building up and improving their farm. You need only the mouse and a hefty amount of clicking to perform actions in the game. The one issue with the controls is the sheer amount of clicking you need to do.

Since everything is done with clicking, and you’ve got a lot of different actions you’ll need to take, you’ll be clicking nearly nonstop. While not unusual for this game genre, this can be a bit annoying and make the game feel somewhat repetitive. At the same time, the game is very addicting and you want to keep playing to continue to grow crops and improve your farm.

Another positive part of the game is the presentation. While they are far from cutting-edge, the graphics are bright and colorful. The music adds some ambiance without being distracting or annoying.

Small sound cues give you a heads-up when something important happens like plants ready for harvesting. The presentation is fairly basic and simple, but works well with the gameplay rather than detracting from the game. The graphics are very pretty and simple, which suits this type of game.

The music is very pleasant and does not get old or irritating. There is no storyline. You have your farm and you do whatever you want to, selling fruits and vegetables at the market. You need to pay attention to the current market values of each item or they won’t sell. You can also have various animals and then field offers for eggs, milk etc. As usual, more items become available as the game progresses and you earn trophies for various achievements.

You also have different levels such as Health, Wealth and Popularity. This game is so enjoyable, without any of the annoying little gimmicks or characters that are often in this type of game. I also like that the animations of Alice are very fast and not “over-animated”; in other words, it doesn’t take her 10 seconds to plant each seed. I find myself playing for a long time. On a side note, if you like the gardening part of Wandering Willows, you will probably like this game.

Bullet 15 types of seed. Customizable garden! Help Alice save her Uncle’s farm in Alice Greenfingers 2. Alice Greenfingers 5 out of 5 based on 65 user ratings. USD 6. It is directed at making a quality game-product to satisfy the needs of devoted gamers of all ages, professionals and amateurs. Download “Full Game” mean that all game features are included with only one restriction — you can play for free only 1 hour, then you must register purchase the game to continue playing.

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