Bitnami wordpress for windows 10.How to Install Bitnami WordPress in Windows

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Bitnami wordpress for windows 10


Your wordpress website is now running. You can now login by entering the details we gave during the installation.

Once logged in you can start building your site. Once you have completely built your website you can then move it to live environment. We hope this article helped you understand about what is bitnami and how is it used for wordpress Feel free to contact us if you need any help regarding this topic.

Do let us know the topics you want us to cover in the comment section or reach out to us with your queries by clicking the contact form below. Home About Us Services Blog. What is Bitnami? Why Install Bitnami Worpress? Why install it? Throughout the process of using a Bitnami native installer to deploy a WordPress server application on your local development system. This means that there are no additional libraries, databases, and runtimes to download, and, once installed, the new application or development environment will not interfere with other software on your system.

Download Bitnami , follow the below steps. These last two values will be needed to login to the WordPress administration panel in the next step, please bear in mind. Click next. The process will take some minutes. Click the Access WordPress link.

You will see the front page of your blog with a sample post, as below:. On Microsoft Azure, you can launch this configuration into your account using the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. There is also another configuration that uses Azure Database for MariaDB as the database for the application. Deployment Offering On the cloud. Single-Tier Multi-Tier. Docker Kubernetes.

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BitNami WordPress Stack – Windows 10 Download.


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