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Every cat owner loves to feed their gorgeous fluffy cat s , and often thinks about their cat’s feeding schedule when they are away. They are often concerned about their daily care, activities and above all their food and diet schedule. Will it stay hungry for the rest of the evening? It might look around in the kitchen turning the place into a complete mess and yet find nothing at all to eat. For such critical times, it’s important to have a reliable automatic cat feeder , which will take care of all the meal times.

It also dispenses the food in two separate directions, which makes it a great option to consider if you own two cats at home, since they can fed simultaneously. Keep reading this detailed review, to find out if this is a good product worth owning? The super feeder is perfect for those who are away for half of the day from their homes. By using the digital timer and customizing the settings of the feeder for the next several days, you can ensure that your cat gets proper portions of meals several times a day.

The device uses the roller and baffle system to make sure that the food is pushed out onto the tray for the cat for the programmed timings. It does not stick to the machine or damage the gear drive, unlike the other feeders which use the screw system to push the food out. I have mentioned some of the tricks below to make sure you use this, a-bit-expensive but highly functional cat feeder to its maximum capacity.

The tricks are as follows:. With the digital timer, you can program up to 8 meals per day, for particular days example only Monday through Friday , or for all days of the week. So if you have a feline that needs more careful diet and here you have lots of option to feed it just the right amount.

You also have to option to set additional small portions to be dispense between the main meals. The digital timer has a recharging battery which can be powered from a wall outlet. It has the same features, however it can hold up to 5 lbs of food. So if you have several cats at home, or if you’re planning to be away from home for a few days. Since there is a large food container on top, it’s recommended to mount it on the wall or a cat tree for example.

This way no large or mischievous pets will mess with the feeder. Having an automatic feeder at home means that your feline will be fed the right amount of food at the right time. That’s the main reason cat owners buy this product. With the CSF-3 Cat Super Feeder , you can be sure that your lovely furry ball will be fed when needed up to 8 times a day.

The timely feeding along with the snack-time feeding option, protective chute cover and the ability to feed two cats at a time makes it one of the highly recommended products for a cat owner.

Editor’s Rating: 4. Product description:. Some of the features of the cat feeder are as follows:. It comes with an advanced digital timer, perfect for the setting of meal timings Can feed from one cup to multiple cup kibbles Can serve up to 8 meals per day Internal electronic timer with micro adjustment controller is installed within the device Dispenses small snacks between main meal times Can be controlled using the web or home monitoring system You can increase the food holding capacity by adding a separate 1.

The dimensions of this product are 11 x 10 x 15 inches and the device alone weighs 5 pounds. You can easily control the frequency, amount and the length of the feeding.

Customize the settings for several days or for the whole week. Easy to use device. Comes with a dishwasher-safe bowl. Mountable device. It is made up of fine quality materials. You can use it with the home automation system or any web application. Comes with a chute cover. Not easily damaged by cats. Can feed up to two cats at a time. Requires a screwdriver to set and assemble the device properly.

Check Price Here. The tricks are as follows: It requires only the use of a screwdriver to set up the whole device. Make sure you have it beforehand. The device is made for indoor use. Keeping it at an outdoor place would only damage your product. The mischievous cats often step over it accidentally.

Digital Timer. The portions of these meals can be set to be different sizes. Overall Rating. Related Posts. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 0 comments.



Csf-3 cat super feeder free


All your days are not the same, so are the nights. You have to go out for your work. But there is someone waiting for you at home. You might face many problems related to proper feeding of your pets especially when you are not home. The vomiting problem , the overweight problem and many more…. An Automatic Cat Super Feeder is a solution to all of your problems. CSF-3 Super Feeder is one of the automatic dry food feeders for your cat with brilliant features.

It can also feed your small dogs. You can control the frequency and the portion of feeding and can chill outside without any worries. This Super Feeder is being loved by a plenty of users and their cats.

This is an automatic Cat Feeder with two high-quality polycarbonate cup extensions. It has an analog timer to set the frequency. It has multiple feeders that can be triggered simultaneously. The best part of this feeder is that it can be mounted on a wall. CSF-3 Cat super feeder has a number of positive reviews on Amazon.

This is an optional product. It has an extra 1. It can be optionally added to the Super Feeder when you need a larger super feeder. The bowl is SAN plastic based material which can be easily washed.

This base can also fit a metal bowl. Even if your brat drops the food out, it dispersed on the edges. Your cats can easily access their food. You can use a metal bracket and other hardware to customize your automatic Cat Feeder.

You can find many ways to assemble and operate the super Feeder. This product has amazing ratings on Amazon. It comes with 12V dc switching power supply. You can use it as an outlet to set the portion size.

It can also be used to charge the timer. No need for extra batteries. You might have worried about vacations. You may even wish to turn on the feeder from your workplace. This is indeed an overfeeding protection system. I live with my husband and two male cats. My husband and I work in the same company but have different schedules. He loves his cats; but for me, they have no feline characteristics. They are screaming for food all the time.

They eat like pigs and then vomit out. We have to do something to control their diet. Our Vet suggested us to go for an automatic feeder. With a plenty of positive feedbacks and reviews, I decided to buy it for our cats. One Feeder for both the cats. My husband assembled it, and we adjusted the portion and set the timer accordingly.

I am glad, it actually worked!!! The cats seriously lost in just 3 weeks. They learned in some days that the sound means food. The weekends are super excited now. My husband and I went out for the trek, shopping, and for the spa. We sleep well in nights. We love this Feeder. After all, Happy Super Feeding!!! Cat not Eating or Drinking for 3 days-Here are the 7 Reasons.

You can assemble this easily by watching the video. If you and your spouse are working; this is the best value for your money and indeed the best gift to your pets.

Even with some problems, this is the best automatic feeder. You should definitely buy one for your pets. Automatic cat feeder — Your shopping research is done for you. Qualifying sales earn us a small commission from Amazon. This is completely FREE for you. Terms and Conditions – Privacy Policy. Cat Corin January 1, am. Cat life made easy Automatic cat feeder — Your shopping research is done for you. Health Litter Feed Menu.


Automatic Cat Feeders and Combo Packages – Click below link to Get the CSF 3 Cat Super Feeder

It is one of the easiest we tested to install and use. That would of course apply to any feeder other than one with pre-filled compartments. Name Required. You may also purchase it on the side in addition to the supplied standard feeder bowl –see bottom of this page.

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