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New Popular Rating Discussed. DIM v4 – Premium Set. DIM v3. Simplify Chevron. DarkAtoms Pointan Pack. There are two types of cursors supported directly by Windows operating systems: static. Both types are present in this library. Learn how to download cursors. Not everybody uploads enough cursors to create a cursor sets. Such submittions end up on the cursor junkyard. Despite the name, there are some worthy pieces. This beautiful, yet minimalistic set was created by GentlemanGezzy.

Gezzy, has some other beautiful set on his DA page. The complete unborn set actually has over 12 colors! So check them out. I pretty much got everything fixed, but there is still some problems here there. I’ll be spending this month, updating the website, TOS, and privacy policy as well.

I removed, the facebook page, on our sidebar today as well. I been trying for years to get access to the facebook page, and finally just gave up. FB has been no help in getting access to that page with 50k likes. Thanks all. This is my first actual update in many years! And it’s for the break out game of , Among Us. This was a wild and crazy year, and it’s finally coming to an end! The icons for these cursors were created by ” BongosBroly “.

Check out his DA page for a variety of other goodies. A total of 14 of them were created. One is animated, that I did of the other icons rotating. I logged into tumblr today for the first time in two years, and noticed none of our cursors or images were working. After some digging, I noticed that tumblr is forcing all static images and files to redirect to https web address.

So I installed LetsEncrypt. What is this white cloud that runs on the green grass? Yeah, it’s cute cursor with a gentle sheep by Daieny Schuttz. Two people in Spider-Man costumes are pointing at each other that become a meme now as Spider-Man Pointing at Spider-Man cursor from our Memes cursor collection. SpongeBob Imagination cursor from our SpongeBob cursor collection.

You may complete many tasks to unlock the Rippley skin in Fortnite or just download Rippley Skin Sludgehammer cursor from our Fortnite cursor collection. There are teammates and hidden killers in “Among Us”. The characters are shown as humanoids in a spacesuit. Players customize the look of their characters through skins, hats. Pusheen Yoda! The chonky gray tabby is the cutest cartoon kitty in the form of Yoda.

She has a Yoda’s lightsaber and ready to defend you. If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you can surprise your friends, add this beautiful cat cursor! This blue Polaroid is very popular and stylish, will help girls to capture the best moments! And if you’re tired during your photoshoot, you have a blue water bottle. He nibbles trees and builds a house on the river, he is a very friendly beaver by Daieny Schuttz from the cute cursors collection.

Home Top Downloaded Cursors. Top Downloaded Cursor Our collection of the cute custom cursors is giant, currently, it consists of the beautiful cursor packs. Over the years we got many questions from you on how many times each of cute cursors was downloaded.

That’s why we decided to provide you with a tool that can show you the most downloaded cursors of all time from our cursor collection. Black and purple custom cursor in pixel 3D style. Starter Cursor Collection downloads.

Among Us Galaxy Character Cursor Among Us is a real space game and that’s why we made the humanoid character galactic. Among Us Cursor Collection downloads. Memes Cursor Collection downloads. TikTok Cursor A video-sharing social network that thought us to use short-form mobile videos. Web Media Cursor Collection downloads. Cute Cursors Cursor Collection downloads. Cute Nutella Cursor A cute cursor with the world’s favorite treats Nutella. Neon Cursor Collection downloads.

Stain of Paint Cursor Artists, when painting the paintings, usually leave stains of paint. Minimal Axolotl Cursor The axolotl is a cute little pink creature that lives underwater and in our minimal cursor for a mouse. Minimal Cursor Collection downloads. Holo Cursor Stunning holographic abstract cursor in pastel neon color. Neon Dolphin Cursor When we talk about the smartest and most amazing marine animals, thoughts of cute dolphins come to mind. Interference Cursor Custom cursor in the style of television interference.

Hey dude, fix the tv antenna on the roof! Marvel Comics Cursor Collection downloads. Night Lights Cursor When we look at the city at night, we see a large number of beautiful lights that stand out with their radiance. Among Us Dino Character Cursor Make your character blue and put on an adorable little dinosaur skin on him. Random Pixel Cursor Pixel Art is really popular in games these days, but it also looks good, like Random Pixel cursor from our Color Pixels cursor collection.

Color Pixels Cursor Collection downloads. Colorful Drink and Donut Neon Cursor Glowing, bright and alluring neon cursor with a soft drink and a sweet donut. Materials Diamond Cursor The diamond can adorn not only jewelry but also your mouse. Materials Cursor Collection downloads. Minecraft Iron Pickaxe and Diamond Ore Cursor Pickaxe, a tool that you definitely need to get the coveted diamond ore!

Minecraft Cursor Collection downloads. Download Comix. Azenis is one of the cool cursor sets. It is a beautifully designed Windows cursor set. The collection is filled with different sized arrows with a combination of black and blue with glowing light.

This can also be the best option if you are looking for animated mouse cursors. Download Azenis. Outer Limits is another elegant set to add to your mouse cursor collection. The set has a classy rocket look.

The cursors are static without any animation. Download Outer Limits. Grey Tango-white is a good pick for math lovers. These are Mathematical symbols in white color with a simple interface. It works best with the dark background of your desktop. Download Grey Tango. The BTS cursors is for hip hop lovers.

There is a cute boy with cool swag that acts as your cursor. Download and use it as your cursor for any cursor action.

Download BTS. McCrack is a pack of animated mouse cursors with cartoon characters. The set is specially designed for Windows cursors. You will have the instructions to install in the downloaded file. Download McCrack Pack Cursors. So, a ghost was missing in the list, but now it is complete with these cursors. Download Cursores Fantasmas. Numix cursors have an elegant design, thanks to the curves that end with pointy tips. If you are bored with the standard mouse pointer, the Numix mouse cursors have light and dark versions; they are also good choices if you wish to have a professional look for your desktop.

Download Numix cursors. Looking for a more artistic alternative? Oxygen cursors are one of the most popular cursor sets available for the Windows operating system. With 37 color schemes available, the users can have ample amounts of options to choose from. Download Oxygen cursors.

El Capitan cursor set is inspired by the macOS version of mouse pointers. The design is very straightforward and simple. The mouse pointer set also contains an INF file for the easy installation of the cursors.

Download El Capitan cursors. Android is the most widely used mobile phone operating system all over the world.

The Android Material Cursors will give your desktop an Android look.


Download pointers for windows 10


This library contains computer mouse cursors for Microsoft Windows systems. There are two types of cursors supported directly by Windows operating systems: static. Both types are present in this library. Learn how to download cursors. Not everybody uploads enough cursors to create a cursor sets. Such submittions end посмотреть больше on the cursor junkyard.

Despite the name, there are some worthy pieces. Check them out. If you change your cursors frequently, consider using a free tool that allows you to change cursor from Windows Explorer context menu. Beside changing cursors one by one, the tool also allows exporting and importing cursor schemes. If you do not want to install any software, just click on Control Panel in Start menu, then double-click the Mouse icon and switch to Pointer tab.

Here you can change the cursors used by Windows in different situations to the downloaded ones. If you are an author of a cursor or cursor set, you may present your work to visitors of this web site. To add your cursors to the library:. Important: only cursor authors or copyright holders may add cursor to the library.

If you are using pictures downloaded from internet to create cursors, you must make sure the author of the pictures allows this use of their work. If you have found that someone has used your pictures and added them to the library without your permission, contact us immediately at info rw-designer.

Important: always create 32×32 pixels cursors unless you have a serious reason not to. While it is possible to download pointers for windows 10 cursors of non-standard size, Windows will automatically resample them decreasing image quality.

Find out how Vista icons differ from XP icons. Open Cursor Download pointers for windows 10. Search cursor library. Sayaka Maizono Cursors by shsl maizono stan hii! Download pointers for windows 10 vez de luffy, One Piece Esper Fluent Cursors by ilovepcs Took me a long time to make but it’s worth it.

Has built in shadow. Edit: f They have electric currents around Esta vez de Luigi SuperStar Saga. Mainly used in gaming. There are 8 of them. Let me know in the I made Well, pro There is a wide variety of download pointers for windows 10 to c I made this set because it очень half life pc windows 10 добра my Cursor sets Cursor junkyard Using cursors Cursor on your web Upload cursor.

Graphics archives links.


+ Cursors for Windows 11/10/7 – mouse pointers


Unlike other changes and upgrades, the mouse cursor has seen little to no improvements. Which start bugging when you start considering them. Lointers of the Windows users are habitual to this mouse cursor scheme but there are of course new, much advanced and more improved versions of Download pointers for windows 10 cursors available for Windows. These Windows mouse cursor schemes are super innovative and you can download them for free to use in any of the Windows version.

Moreover, you can add multiple mouse cursors to your Windows PC. So, why to wait? Wii-based cursors for your computer mouse. Three of them are animated. Several variants are included.

Inspired by that little minimalistic cursor in Max Office 2007 enterprise product key free free 3 game menu. Recommended to disable cursor shadow for best look. If you love the simple yet modern design, this is a mouse cursor scheme that you should definitely follow.

Step by step instructions to install Simplify Cursors in any Windows version is provided in its download page. Has updated alpha god tiers including crockertierMs. Paint how pointters I even forget her the first timeand sprites! Now includes a bunch of new outfits, pre-scratch trolls, and beams not pictured. Also a few extras! If you love Metro Style, Flat design scheme then Metro X1 Animated cursors set is definitely the mouse cursor set which will match your taste.

The cursor ser for those who love minimal design. Beautiful, Mac like, and modern mouse cursors set. Grab this free cursor set to add a dash of Material Design to your computer interface. The best port of El Capitan Cursors for Windows. Obsidian Cursors is a shiny and clean cursor set created in Dodnload based upon the Polar Cursor Theme.

The black shiny look appears so appealing. This are cute, pink, minni mice mouse cursors icon set available for both Windows and MAC. Check it out and apply instantly if you like them. INF file. With special instructions, you can even put them in Windows 10 too. Check out this stunning mouse cursor set for Windows. Love icons?

Http:// and cartoonistic design is the speciality of this Comix Cursors Blue mouse cursors set. To get a little funky look, you should definitely consider adding these mouse cursors to your Windows. The mouse cursor available for Windows has every cursor scheme build with best Nejo Kaito expressions and poses.

This cute cursor set is popular among girls. If you love World of Warcraft game then this mouse cursor will allow you to stay in touch with WoW even if you are doing any other task in your PC. So, want it? Its design says it all. So appealing and so clean. Definitely, a hard to resist cursor scheme available online. A young man stands in his bedroom. Though it was thirteen years ago he was given life, it is only today he will be подробнее на этой странице a name!

What will the name of this young man be? A lot of hard work to do them in high quality — pointers have been adapted especially for limited format of Windows.

There are a total of cursors in this set, 14 cursors per color set and a busy cursor to be used with all colors. Do you Like short cursors which will appear so modern and high tech that they will elevate the standard of your PC? Well then try this Shavg mouse cursor pointera seamless design will make you want to set it in PC for forever.

Downloaad is another color scheme for cute Comix cursors mentioned above. Instructions to set them are provided on the download page. The original Wundows Cursors by Jens Luetkens [jlue]. X11 mouse theme with a comics feeling. Hope you enjoy it. It downooad so many unique icons and graphics which download pointers for windows 10 make you love downloadd.

Do you love cute hello kitty? Well then, this mouse cursor set will let you feel your dearest hello kitty love all the time. Free black cursor set with blue busy wheels for Windows. Enjoy adding these mouse cursors to your Windows. This is another download pointers for windows 10 cute 8-bit classic mouse cursor set. Metro X2 is another simplistic mouse cursor design which is available in pure black in this version of mouse cursor scheme. Check it out, it might suit your PC download pointers for windows 10 better.

Change your mouse into a Portal gun crosshair with this portal themed cursor set. Mostly Cinema 4d however Photoshop was used religiously for animation and to perfect as much as possible. Try this mouse cursor to enjoy amazing animation and effects. Love download pointers for windows 10 way ciel follows sebastian?

Well, with this cursor set, poiinters download pointers for windows 10 enjoy watching them doing источник all the time.

Watch it live on his download page and enjoying installing it in your PC. MoonShine v2 is good mouse cursor scheme for those who love simple mouse cursors download pointers for windows 10 of those with lots of graphics and colors. It has simple animation just to increase your productivity. It is the same android-inspired mouse cursor but with a different color scheme. Above one was blue this download pointers for windows 10 is teal, so it all comes to your personal preference as to what you adopt.

Check out the graphic and structure of the mouse cursor below. Liked it? Well then why are you still waiting, go the the download page and download this mouse по этой ссылке for your Windows for free. Cursor Sans Family is 3 Cursor Sets in one! Each comes with 4 accent colors to choose from! Blue, Orange, Purple and Red.

With very smooth animation, DIM v3. Try it and let us know how much you like it. Ported from the Mac OS X Leopard, this colourful animated cursor set will bring flair to any desktop! DIM NitroGreen cursor provides you alien green cursor windowe which will skyrocket your extraterrestrial fantasy. Appealing cursor icons. They already contain these great shadows and alpha channels. So you have to download pointers for windows 10 the Windows-Shadow off.

Basic Windows cursor set with more colors. So, these are our handpicked best 50 mouse cursors for Windows. The instructions must be provided to install the desired Mouse Cursor in Windows. Wii Cursors v1. Minimalistic cursors Inspired by that little minimalistic cursor in Max Payne 3 game menu. Simplify Cursors If you love the simple yet modern design, this is a mouse cursor scheme that you should definitely follow.

Transparency Cursors 2 The cursor ser for those who love minimal design. Try and let us know how much you like this mouse cursor set. Comix Cursors Blue Love comic icons? Polar Cursor Set for Windows Its design says it all. Neon Rainbow Cursors Set 01 There are a total of cursors in this set, 14 cursors per color set and a busy cursor to be ddownload with download pointers for windows 10 colors.

Shvag- simple, static cursors Download pointers for windows 10 you Like short cursors which will appear so modern and high tech that they will elevate the standard of your PC?

Comix Cursors Orange Here is another color scheme for cute Comix cursors mentioned above. Cut the Rope Cursors, ver. Remilia Mouse Cursor Love 8-bit graphics? Then enjoy this 8-bit mouse cursor scheme.

Shou Mouse Cursor This pointres another very cute 8-bit classic mouse cursor set.


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