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Details required :. VLC Media Player 3. Hi Pritpal,. I have the same question Question: I read about plugins and I understand that platform plugins can be loaded by 5 methods: 1.

Free qt platform plugin windows Download – qt platform plugin windows for Windows.Application No Qt Platform Plugin Could Be Initialized? [Fixed]


Since we cannot deploy plugins using the static linking approach, the application we have prepared is incomplete. It will run, but the functionality will be disabled due to the missing plugins. To deploy plugin-based applications we should use the shared library approach. First, we must go into the directory that contains the application:. Now run qmake to create a new makefile for the application, and do a clean build to create the dynamically linked executable:.

If everything compiled and linked without any errors, we will get a plugandpaint. To deploy the application, we must make sure that we copy the relevant Qt DLLs corresponding to the Qt modules used in the application and the Windows platform plugin, qwindows.

In contrast to user plugins, Qt plugins must be put into subdirectories matching the plugin type. The correct location for the platform plugin is a subdirectory named platforms. Qt Plugins section has additional information about plugins and how Qt searches for them. Remember that if your application depends on compiler specific libraries, these must be redistributed along with your application. For more information, see the Application Dependencies section. We’ll cover the plugins shortly, but first we’ll check that the application will work in a deployed environment: Either copy the executable and the Qt DLLs to a machine that doesn’t have Qt or any Qt applications installed, or if you want to test on the build machine, ensure that the machine doesn’t have Qt in its environment.

But the application’s functionality will still be missing since we have not yet deployed the associated plugins. Plugins work differently to normal DLLs, so we can’t just copy them into the same directory as our application’s executable as we did with the Qt DLLs. When looking for plugins, the application searches in a plugins subdirectory inside the directory of the application executable.

So to make the plugins available to our application, we have to create the plugins subdirectory and copy over the relevant DLLs:. Other plugins might be required depending on the features the application uses iconengines , imageformats. In addition, the archive must contain the following compiler specific libraries assuming Visual Studio To verify that the application now can be successfully deployed, you can extract this archive on a machine without Qt and without any compiler installed, and try to run it.

An alternative to putting the plugins in the plugins subdirectory is to add a custom search path when you start your application using QCoreApplication::addLibraryPath or QCoreApplication::setLibraryPaths.

One benefit of using plugins is that they can easily be made available to a whole family of applications. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem. I’m not a coder, I never used the Qt environment ever and other forum entries didn’t help so far, since as far as I went down the rabbit hole, this is all about building code in Qt.

All I like to do is run my programs again. So far this error is really denying my work and I have no clue. Have you installed any new software recently or modified your PATH shortly before this issue began? If you do not know how to check and edit your PATH, then we can guide you through the process. However, be prepared: This will involve multiple steps — I give you some instructions, then you carry them out and report back the details, then I give you further instructions based on what you found, then you carry them out and report back the details However, the problem is with an application using Qt and therefore, they are probably the only devs being able to you.

The problem I see is that they have used a particular version of Qt and part of your installation may have been corrupted by whatever reason. I have MikTex and stuff installed as well, but even though I am a developer and know parts of Qt application development, I would go the route and check the MikTex forum and eventually reinstall MikTex again.

Thanks for your response. Actually it is partly for MikTex, the conversiontools are for converting photo files. I tried installing and reinstalling Miktex and trying Texlive, but that didn’t help unfortunately. JKSH said in “could not find or load the Qt platform plugin “windows” in “”, :.

OK, that sounds as that might be the case. I’m not sure which applications I’ve installed since the error began. You’ll see a list separated by ; of folder paths.

Go line by line and make sure they do not point to a folder that contains a platforms folder that has qwindows. If you find such a path edit the PATH variable and remove it just google: edit environmental variable windows , where is your windows version.

I followed your steps and looked up the environmental variable. I deleted the variable and rebooted the system. As a result all the programs were functioning again without errors. Thanks to your help and VRonin, my issue has been resolved. JKSH Your steps seem useful. However, I am working on pyzo. So I replaced all the words with ‘miktex’ with ‘pyzo’ I’m amateur at coding as well. The cmd window spat out a long list of DLLs and the txt file was created after step 8.

I copied the text file info to the cmd window, but the programme says ” KKekana said in “could not find or load the Qt platform plugin “windows” in “”, :. I notice this thread – which I found searching the error msg in Google – just kind of died without coming to a resolution others could follow. JKSH – I’m having the same issue with several programs. I’m not sure what I installed that did the damage, but I suspect it might be drivers for a pen display.

I followed the steps you listed, but instead of for Krita, an open source paint program I use for testing. Essentially cross-platform means that Qt applications that you create on Microsoft Windows via the source code are usually transferable to Linux and the Mac OS X operating systems and vice versa. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers.

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Download qt platform plugin windows 10. Qt platform plugin windows 10 free download

Click here to download the file, and run it to install the latest version of OneDrive. a user report from the Microsoft forum. Available platform plugins are: windows. Causes: There could be multiple causes for this error: An issue with Autodesk Licensing Service Hello. Recently, after a Windows update, I was unable to get OneDrive to work. Whenever my PC boots, I receive an error ‘Application failed.


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Cliccami per scoprire. As the error message hints, reinstalling the application may help fix the problem.

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