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Download sftp client for windows 10

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Unlike FTP, which does not encrypt data transfers, SFTP provides the capability to securely transfer data with greater reliability and increased performance. Such needs could include HIPAA compliant data transfers and secure corporate documents to protect from corporate espionage. In order to use SFTP, a Client application and a Server application is needed to create the connection and facilitate file transfers.

In this article, we will discuss 12 of the Best Free SFTP Servers for Windows that are available for you to download and quickly install and begin using. The Single interface for file transfers gives you the security, flexibility and ease-of-use of enterprise grade solution at an affordable rate. Download Now. Provided by SolarWinds , the leader in network management software , their free software package provides a great, free tool to quickly and securely transfer files across your network.

Supporting files of up to 4GB, it allows you to transfer large files such firmware and the latest iOS over your network. Multi-thread capabilities allow for concurrent upload and download of files from multiple network devices. SolarWinds has advanced security settings that give you control over how you transfer files using the most secure methods, along with allowing you to specify specific IP addresses and address ranges for transfers.

This full-featured SFTP server boasts many capabilities, which meet the needs of even the most security-conscious users out there. It fully supports Active Directory users and groups, and comes configured to prevent itself against attacks such as DoS, DDoS, password harvesting, and more. It supports transferring multiple files simultaneously and includes support for clustered remote configuration databases and Distributed File System environments.

White-lists, speed limits, and virtual folders, along with many other features, allow users to customize this SFTP server to their own, very specific needs. FileZilla supports file transfer sizes of up to 4GB, and lets you pause and resume traffic when needed. Drag-and-drop support, remote file editing, and remote file search make it simple and easy to use without compromising security.

File-name filters and directory comparisons come standard, allowing you to ensure that the files you need transported and stored are accurate and up-to-date. And since it is a very popular open-source application, bugs and other issues are quickly found and fixed by developers around the world.

Using the most up-do-date security and encryption protocol, zFTPServer provides speed scheduling, automatic updates, and high-speed data transfers. You can let it run automatically in the background as a system service, or bring it up in application mode, depending on whatever your need is at the time. It uses threading and careful memory allocation and de-allocation to minimize its resource usage, and its real-time logging of events and messages is a valuable feature for system administrators.

The free version allows up to five accounts and three simultaneous connections, with the ability to upgrade at very reasonable prices. It supports an unlimited number of user connections; the number and speeds of simultaneous connections are only limited by the host hardware resources.

It is compatible with all major SFTP clients. With its simple installation and setup procedures and many capabilities, Bitvise is the ultimate in SFTP server solutions. It is HIPAA compliant, meaning it is able to transfer even the most confidential patient information safely and securely. This application allows for Ad Hoc file transfers and file integrity checking and its IP auto-banning features add an extra layer of security. Its simplified user account administration allows administrators to use Windows authentication for existing Windows users on the network, or they can create custom user accounts within the software.

Sysax Multi Server allows for remote management via any web browser, and when using locally, you can use its own administration panel or the Windows Management Console. For more advanced security, it supports public key authentication, SSL certificate generation, and IP restriction.

This simple little application requires no installation or setup, and is perfect for the small jobs where a full-fledged server is unneeded or unreasonable, or when you need to test your SFTP client app and do not need to waste the time setting up a more complex server that you may rarely use.

It is compatible with any modern Windows version with. NET 4. This very simple standalone SFTP server allows for quick transfer of secure files between computers across any network. It provides the standard file transfer capabilities, all secured with the SSH encryption protocols. Simple, yet effective, it is perfect for the quick jobs where a full-fledged server download and setup is not practical.

Another lightweight and simple free SFTP server. It is simple to set up and easy to run, and lets you get a secure file transfer server going in just a couple minutes. NET and embedded JavaScript, and regular security updates. CompleteFTP has four editions, starting with the Free Edition , which, as the name implies, is completely free for an unlimited time. It has no limits on the number of users, transfers or anything else, and the feature-set more or less matches that of FileZilla Server.

CompleteFTP scales from the tiniest hobby installation to the largest corporate cluster with an addition three paid editions offering many more features. Upload files to the system and then mail out links so recipients can access and download each file on demand.

Runs on Windows Server. Installs on Windows Server. Runs on Windows and Windows Server. Installs on Windows and Windows Server. Runs on Windows systems. Runs on Windows. Features of this Software include: Receive or Send files via Email securely and Fully Encrypted — Allow file requests to be sent as well. Audit Dashboard to view change Logs of File Modifications, additions, etc.

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Download sftp client for windows 10

Click on the Windows Start button and go to ‘All Programs.’ From the list of program, Click on PuTTY and then PSFTP. The second option is to enter the following path in the address bar – “ C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY” and then double-click on Dec 24,  · Free FTP Clients for Windows 10 1. FileZila: When we talk of FTP clients, the name which comes to our mind is FileZila. It is one of the most popular FTP clients available. FileZilla Client not only supports FTP, but also FTP over TLS (FTPS) and SFTP. Nov 24,  · FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It has been around for years and years, used to transfer files between computers on a network. For these file transfers, you need to use an FTP client that will connect to an FTP server that runs on a remote device. Some vendors provide software for both – FTP client and FTP server in the same package.


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It has been around for years and years, used to transfer files between computers on a network. For these file transfers, you need to use an FTP client that will connect to an FTP server that runs on a remote device. It is an entirely different protocol that uses different ports and it also adds great file management and file transfer abilities to SSH. Many are free and some are paid after the trials expire. The program in itself is user-friendly.

It allows you to remotely connect to any server or device in a network through Windows systems. As it features a tabbed interface, you get to conveniently manage multiple sessions from a single console. Not just that, it also lets you save private keys or credentials of any session for quicker login the next time. For quick recognition, just use the color coding feature for every session. And as connection establishes, you can even automate all scripts.

Apart from this, the tabbed interface, Windows Search integration and feature to save credentials or private keys are some of its best highlights! SolarWinds is a leading developer when it comes to designing free FTP clients. It has deployed myriads of free tools in the market featuring intuitiveness and user-friendliness. It is a free tool that is packed with features, is fast and quite responsive altogether. Army Certificate of Networthiness CoN. It is deliberately made for Windows and Linux systems, and includes various advanced features such as synchronization of folders, scheduling of file transfers and more.

It has a very unique dual-pane module for file transfers. Here you can manage multiple sessions at a time, and also personalize your main page with different sessions, commands and tabs. WinSCP is quite user-friendly, as it has a nice graphical user interface to make it more visually appealing. Not just that, you can even automate scripts and tasks by setting the rules.

It is an open-source, free software featuring intuitive graphical user interface along with a bunch of impressive features. Along with IPv6 support, FileZilla client also includes a tabbed user interface, so you can manage multiple sessions over a single window. Apart from this, it offers a flexible drag and drop interface, so you seamlessly upload or download files. It also supports resume and transfer of larger files, greater than 4 GB- which is a huge bonus!

FileZilla has a powerful site manager and transfer queue for effortless management and transfer of entire websites. Moreover, the directory comparison feature lets you compare files, their sizes, dates, etc.

But that can be resolved by simply unchecking the box to opt-out from the adware while you are installing the program. Its interface is perfect for newbies and advanced users as it is easy to use. One thing that makes CyberDuck stand out is how seamlessly it integrates with your Mac environment. With just a click of a button, you can open files and edit them. Plus, you can even choose your preferred code editor.

For enhanced security of your data, this program uses Cryptomator interoperable vaults that perform client side data encryption. Plus, it also connects your website to cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive and lets you share files quickly via web URLs.

MonstaFTP also boasts a modern interface for user-friendliness, making it a perfect choice for beginners and pro users. The biggest benefit of MonstaFTP is that it is a file manager in the cloud.

You can access your install from anywhere, through any device, which is not the case with other desktop software. Lite Edition is free and has basic FTP functionality such as file transfers, folders or file uploads or downloads. Whereas, Business Edition is a paid version where you can customize your UI, restrict access to certain IP addresses and much more.

The program is intuitive, fast and user-friendly. With just a click of a button, you can connect to a server and simply use drag and drop feature to seamlessly download or upload files to your server or computer.

Plus, you can even pause or cancel the file transfers. It also encompasses amazing file management features for both local as well as remote environments. Using this feature, you can save your place in a folder on the remote server, or your local device or both.

In just one click, you can even archive the entire remote directory in a local zip file. Such a feature comes most handy while backing up your website. Thus, it is more suitable for advanced users. Apart from this, the IPswitch client has an easy drag and drop feature, customizable display, integrated desktop search engines and schedule feature for post-transfer actions.

Most users just need a basic free FTP client with simple functionalities, but there are some advanced users who might need the premium offerings of paid versions.

It all comes down to your personal preference. Whereas, if you would just like to see remote files on your server, without any local files or folders, you can opt for CyberDuck- it is clean, free and fast. Skip to content. Older post. Newer post. WebServerTalk participates in many types affiliate marketing and lead generation programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links.

This is not change the outcome of any reviews or product recommedations.

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