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It was originally scheduled for release in March but was delayed due to Koei wanting to improve the game as much as possible. Like Strikeforce , it was officially promoted in Gaia Online for a free item.

Edit characters return and customization is greatly expanded. A level-up system for weapons has been implemented and requires players to have their weapons adjusted at a blacksmith. Besides adding more attack, players can adjust what skills and abilities a weapon can have based on what items the player has collected from battle. The Renbu gauge no longer requires the player to build up with combos and is now determined by the rank of a character’s weapon.

Strategies are implemented in battle by holding L2 and pressing , , , or on the PS3 controller. Skills from the original title return but appear with many new additions. The goal of unifying China under a single faction remains intact. Players are given alternatives to meet this goal by: serving as a vassal to another lord, or play as a solo unaffiliated officer, or be a ruler. The goal of a solo-officer is find a worthy lord to serve. While serving under a lord, the player is given orders to participate in battles, serve as messengers and can disagree with their leader’s decisions and offer alternatives instead.

All officers can accept freelance missions from independent parties, during which they can form alliances. During battle, players have the option of betraying their liege and fighting against their former sovereign to gain control of the land, or defecting to another force. Similar to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms games, players can swear brotherhood or marry other characters in the game. Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires introduces strategy cards to the series.

After each turn, a new card is drawn, each with its own action. Everything from recruiting new officers, to restoring troops, to using fire attacks can be acquired via the cards. Leaders can additionally use special cards to set goals every certain amount of months during scenes known as councils. Downloadable content includes new costumes for edit characters to use and music. All of the characters from Dynasty Warriors 6 return.

Meng Huo returns with a different weapon than the one he wielded in Dynasty Warriors 5. All stages from Dynasty Warriors 6 and Dynasty Warriors 6: Special return to the game with seven new stages. Koei Wiki Explore. Game Content. Historical Content. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don’t have an account? Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires. Edit source History Talk Do you like this video? Play Sound. Platinum None Unlocked all Bonuses Unlock all bonus material.

Gold Cleared all Scenarios Reached the end of all Scenarios. Bronze 15 Gourmand Complete a battle using Xu Zhu. Bronze 15 A Challenger Appears Complete a battle using a custom character.

Bronze Dynasty Warriors. Categories : Game stubs Games Add category. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. Clear the Yellow Turban Uprising scenario.

Clear the Battle of Guan Du scenario. Clear the Battle of Chi Bi scenario. Complete a battle using Sun Shang Xiang. Complete a battle using Diao Chan.

Complete a battle using Zhen Ji. Complete a battle using Xiao Qiao. Complete a battle using Yue Ying. Complete a battle using a custom character. This article about a Koei game is a stub. You can help the wiki by expanding it.



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The sixth entry in the franchise revamped some of the core mechanics of the games in game dynasty warrior 6 empires pc positive way, with better animations and a more polished overall experience. Complete a battle using Zhen Ji. Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires. I guess the games not that popular on the pc. The ultimate goal of the game is to unify China under your banner. You can play the Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires game адрес страницы both single and multiplayer modes. Topic Archived.


Anybody want dw 6/dw 6 empires on steam? :: DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 กระดานสนทนาทั่วไป – Dynasty Warriors 6 Free Download Repacklab

You can play the Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires game in both single and multiplayer modes. No other Action, Fantasy, Historical-themed PC game. I guess the games not that popular on the pc. There is a a lack of players and faqs in the pc boards compared to the others. Some people also argue that the.

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