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Pick all three. Full read-write access granted! Fast, seamless, easy to use. A no-brainer upgrade for those installing macOS It is well priced and enables read and write access to your NTFS drives no matter what size. The speed at which you can read and write the data on these drives is the best of any competitor if there really is one.

Anyone who needs to use Mac and Windows computers needs this app for easy data transfer. The interface is best of any application found, and the application itself offers additional drive tools for taking full control.

It is without real competition and deserves a full 5-star award. This utility makes your external storage usable on any computer system Windows or Mac. The user interface is tastefully designed, with buttons for mounting, unmounting, verifying, or erasing the selected volume. Dual-boot users also have the option to reboot into a compatible mounted Mac or Windows startup volume.

Microsoft NTFS for Mac by Paragon Software, the excellent third-party file system driver that enables writing to Windows-formatted volumes at native speeds. A very specialized product that does its job in a very unobtrusive way. You just install it and it works. When you plug an NTFS disk into your Mac, it just mounts on the desktop like any other disk, and when you copy a file to it, it just works, no muss, no fuss.

This utility is also invaluable if you find yourself in a situation where you need to format a disk as NTFS, and it performs this task with an equal lack of drama. Microsoft NTFS for Mac by Paragon Software is an essential installation for anyone working with Macs and PCs, as it helps to break down the barriers that exist between the two operating systems. Everything just works. Brilliant product. Worth every penny. Thank you. Highly recommended for all Mac users! If you have a Mac and you need to access volumes that are formatted NTFS, this is the best solution out there.

Access all of your Microsoft NTFS drives and perform the most common volume operations like mount, unmount and verify. Mount in Read-Only: select this option if you need to access sensitive data without modifying any files. Do not mount automatically: select this option if you want to manually control access to a volume.

Fresh review: check out the video review by European Motion Picture Association. Latest award: 5-star review of the Big Sur-ready edition. When a volume is mounted in write mode, you can do everything with the files and folders it contains: read, edit, delete, rename, create new. However, this feature can be disabled at any time in the program interface. Microsoft NTFS for Mac by Paragon Software supports all alphabets supported by your operating systems, including those that use non-Roman and non-Latin characters, so you will never face the problem of not getting access to file names on volumes mounted in non-native OS.

Check out the Paragon Technology Portal! Contact Support or file a support ticket. Watch the videos! Download Buy now. Fully compatible with new Apple Silicon M1 Mac devices. MacSoftReview www. MacWorld, USA , macworld. Robinson Philip. Restart Restart your Mac.

Outstanding performance at blazing fast speed. Write Access When a volume is mounted in write mode, you can do everything with the files and folders it contains: read, edit, delete, rename, create new. Internationalization Microsoft NTFS for Mac by Paragon Software supports all alphabets supported by your operating systems, including those that use non-Roman and non-Latin characters, so you will never face the problem of not getting access to file names on volumes mounted in non-native OS.

Frequently Asked Questions Could I try your product for free before buying? After that it will be locked until you activate a purchased license.

How can I get my update? Please contact our Support Service at support paragon-software. Does it work with the latest Apple Silicon M1 based Macs? Does it work with macOS 12 Monterey?

Please, visit your MyParagon account. If an update is released, you will be able to download it there. The data transfer rate is fully the same as with the native macOS file system. There you can see the statistics. Microsoft NTFS for Mac by Paragon Software is able to get access to compressed files and folders, it has no problems with sparse files and enables all the needed operations with files and folders with security permissions. Is BootCamp supported? Yes, we completely support all BootCamp configurations.

Please follow steps below. Restart Mac. Install it. Can I re-activate my license on another Mac? Please re-activate the product following the steps below. Log in to MyParagon portal. Then activate your product again.

How many times can I re-activate my license? You can re-activate it 4 times. If you need to re-activate your license more than 4 times, please contact our Support or file a support ticket and we will help you to release the counter of licenses.

If it did not work, please check the troubleshooting guide. Can I get a discount, if I buy all drivers at once? For more information about Deduplication support please contact us. Check out our step-by-step video guide for M1 installation:. Learn more. Spelling error report The following text will be sent to our editors:. Your comment optional :. Send Cancel. Could I try your product for free before buying?



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Well, you’re in luck because in this guide we’re going to help you do just that! And the good news is, it’s not as tricky as it sounds. Stick with us as and we’ll show you exactly how to use those Windows-formatted drives in macOS. There’s an ongoing debate about whether the best Windows laptops and PCs are better than the best MacBooks and Macs and let’s face it, that one won’t be getting settled any time soon.

But, there’s no denying that Windows computers are more widespread, which is why the best external hard drives and USB sticks tend to come pre-formatted to NTFS. As things currently stand, Apple don’t have this license, which is why you can only open and view files on Windows drives but not make any changes to them. While it’s great that your Mac has been designed to read NTFS-formatted drives, it’s likely that you’re going to want to do more than that, which is where we come in.

We pride ourselves on coming up with the best Mac tips, tricks and timesavers and being able to use NTFS drives on a Mac is definitely one of our favorites. Let’s take a look Enter a new name for the drive in the field above if you wish. Read the warning carefully before proceeding, as this process will delete any existing data on the drive. These can be particularly helpful if you regularly have to plug your drive into both a Mac and PC both use file sizes larger than that supported by the more universal FAT32 format.

Once installed, the app will mount your Windows drives allowing you to change or remove files to your hearts content. This is an experimental feature and could lead to data loss, so make sure to do a full backup of both your Mac and any data on the drive before continuing.

As this feature is still in the testing phase however, your files could become corrupted at anytime, so proceed with caution. Connect your NTFS drive, then enter the command:. This will open the list of drives recognised by macOS. Next, connect your Windows drive to the Mac. You should now be able to edit existing files and copy new ones here.

One of the most recent versions of macOS macOS During the setup process, users shrink the size of their existing macOS installation to make room for Windows. This allows you to boot both operating systems on your Mac. Once set up, Windows 10 will function on your Mac in just the same way as it would on a regular PC.

This includes working with NTFS-formatted drives. See our guide to how to run Windows on a Mac with Boot Camp for more details on how to get started. Although BootCamp is easy to set up and use, you must purchase a Windows 10 license to keep using the OS after 90 days. If you only want to work or collaborate on a few files, why not ditch the drives altogether and place your files in the Cloud? Online services such as iCloud Drive offer a generous free allowance 5GB and allow you to immediately sync, edit and share files even if they were originally created for Windows and saved to an NTFS disk.

From here you can choose various methods to send your sharing link e. North America. Image credit: Shutterstock. Nate Drake. See more how-to articles. More about computing. Reinventing Google: The underdog search engine with a daring new visio


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