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Now, your PC will restart several times. What if ‘Java’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file? What to do next? Solutions are here!

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The computer has rebooted from a bug-check: what does it mean?


Here is How to Deal With Windows 10, 11 Yellow Screen Issue | DiskInternals


There’s a little app built into Windows 10 that you might not know is there, or have just skipped over without more than a passing glance: Sticky Notes.

But, this simple app can be a powerful reminder tool to help you plan your day. Related: How to back up Sticky Notes on Windows If your PC supports digital inking, there’s another section further down dedicated to this. The first part of using Sticky Notes is knowing where to find it. The quickest way to do this is to use Cortana and just type “Sticky Notes” into the search box or to use voice commands to launch it by saying “Hey Cortana, launch Sticky Notes.

If you want to find it in the Start Menu, it no longer lives in the accessories folder. It’s now a standalone app updated through the Store and you’ll find it listed under S. When you launch the app for the first time it’ll present you with a square resembling the popular sticky notes.

These aren’t designed for detailed note taking, you’re better off with something like OneNote for that still. These are quick reminders you need throughout out the day, so keep them concise. Once you’ve left one note, adding another is easy. Just keep repeating until you’ve got enough. As with traditional sticky notes you can put these little guys all over the place. You can pick them up and move them around the full expanse of your display.

Just drag, and drop. Click on the slightly darker yellow strip and the top and go sticking them wherever you want them. Click the three-dots menu icon on any of your notes and you can change the color to a variety of presets. This is particularly handy if you want to make certain notes stand out or just group like topics by color. Once you’re done with a note, getting rid of it is easy.

With the arrival of Windows Ink, Sticky Notes became a super useful app for folks using devices with digital pens like the Surface Pro. The app is mostly the same in this scenario, but how you interact with it is a little different. How to use Sticky Notes with Windows Ink.

A neat extra feature with Windows Ink and Sticky Notes is writing reminders with dates that Windows automatically recognizes. It’ll then add a reminder to Cortana with a screen grab of the note you wrote!

How to create a reminder in Sticky Notes on Windows Sticky Notes is a very simple application that is easily overlooked. But if you just want to keep a quick reminder close at hand, why not give it a try. Download Sticky Notes from the Microsoft Store opens in new tab. Updated May 3, We’ve refreshed this guide to ensure it reflects the latest April Update to Windows Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. Currently you’ll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Windows Central Windows Central. Richard Devine. More about windows Windows 10 version 22H2 announced, and its first build is available fo Topics Sticky Notes. See all comments Ohh the good old sticky notes. First ever Article on sticky note The same good old sticky notes. I remember pasting off documents and the web only to find it copies the font. Any way to clear formatting when pasting onto the sticky notes? Paste into notepad first, then copy and paste to sticky notes.

Tedious but it will strip the formatting That kind of defeats the purpose of it being simple to use. I use another free desktop app called Paste Text Like. Very easy to use. Just let it run on Windows Startup, and you’ll have options that should have been built into Windows to start with. It seriously needs ‘Paste as text’ in the context-menu or just automatically removes the formatting when it is pasted to Sticky Notes.

It defeats the purpose of being simple and easy to use when it requires additional steps. Stick to just one task management tool ASANA is my personal favourite. It also allows you to draw your notes if you have a touch screen! I have touch screen but not active pen wacom, so how? Isn’t it the same of Windows 7? Nah, its only in the magical Windows 10!!!!! But nobody used it. So its nice that they show off that Handy tool. I used it in 7 all the time. Missed it in 8. Now I’ve learned to live without it.

Been around since Vista and never went away. It was in Windows 8, I used it a fair bit in 8, strangely enough I never use it in 10, I looked at it, just to see what it was like and that was it.

I’m using it since W7. Won’t use it. That’s what Cortana is for. Ms should tie Cortana reminders in with the sticky notes for a visual feature. Cortana is region locked except on Android. Sticky notes for the rest of the world! This is so Windows 7 I feel embarassed for MS. I don’t think you were able to draw in them in 7. In any case, Microsoft didn’t advertise it as a new feature.

And if they had had removed it saying it’s obsolete, judgment day will come, pigs will fly, and everybody will hate on Microsoft even though most people don’t know it exists. So, they left it be. It should at least be tied to Cortana or OneNote to be relevant. Is Windows 7 bad? If you’ve ever seen a vista sticky note you wouldn’t recognize them. Nothing embarrassing about sticky notes. Now if they’d brought back clippy I’d be right there with ya.

It would be nice to “stick” reminders from my calendar to my desktop–integrate Sticky Notes and Calendar. Windows Feedback app is your friend. I know and I agree. I am sharing my thoughts here. I’ll check it. The desktop wallpaper behind please. And odd article isn’t it? Telling us about something that’s been in windows since vista. On the other hand it was missing from 8 so I had no idea it was back in I appreciate the article. It was not missing in Windows 8.

I want to internet connection on my PC with clean installed Windows 10 with my mobile, i have used Connectify before but its showing problem now, might be not supported W10 drivers untill. Is there a native way of sharing internet in PC as present in Windows 10 Mobile as both share same core now. I Have Already tried the forums thats why asking here. I think you need to use 3rd party software for that like connectify or virtual router free. I would also like to mention that these notes are not like normal applications.

If you sign out and sign back in again, the Sticky Notes will open again, so you don’t lose your notes. They’ll also do the same if you restart. To remind you OF all the things.


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Windows 10 Yellow Screen · 1. Press WINDOWS + X · 2. Click on “Device Manager” · 3. Click on “video card” · 4. Right click on your video card · 5. Windows 10 yellow screen tint issue · Turn enough lights on in the room for it to be well-lit. · Open the Settings app (Win+I keyboard shortcut). When you turn on your computer and notice a yellow tint display on your monitor/screen.

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