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How to Create a Guest Account on Windows 10 in 6 Steps – Use Guest Account While Sharing Your PC

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How to Add a Guest Account in Windows 10 – What Is a “Guest Account” in Windows 11?


In the elevated command prompt you need to type the below-given command and hit enter:. Note: Here instead of using Name, you can put the name of the person that you want to create an account for. Once the account is created, you can set a password for this. When it asks for the password, type your password that you want to set for that account.

Finally, users are created in the user group and they have standard permissions regarding the usage of your device.

However, we want to give them some limited access to our device. Delete the created Visitors account from the users. To do this you need to type the command:. Now you need to add the Visitor in guest group. To do this you simply need to type the below-given command:.

Finally, you are done with the Guests account creation on your device. You can close the command prompt by simply typing Exit or click on the X on the tab. Now you will notice a list of the users in the lower-left pane on your login screen. Guests who want to use your device temporarily can simply choose the Visitor account from the login screen and start using your device with some limited functions.

As you know multiple users can log in at once in Windows, it means you do not need to sign out, again and again, to let the visitor use your system. This is another method to add a guest account on your device and give them access to your device with some limited features. On the left pane, you click on the Users folder and open it. Now you will see More Actions option, click on it and navigate to add New User option. Double-click on the newly added user account in Local Users and Groups.

Tap on the Add option in the lower pane of Windows box. Finally click on OK to add this account as the member of Guests group. Next, the command below will create a new local user account named Visitor without a password via the NoPassword parameter.

The resulting object is passed into the Add-LocalGroupMember cmdlet adding the account into the Guests group. You will not receive a confirmation unless there was an error in the process. In this case, no news is good news. To confirm whether the command successfully created the Visitor account, use the Get-LocalGroupMember command below. The below command looks for a group member called Visitor in the Guests group. The screenshot below shows the actual output when running the commands in PowerShell.

As in the previous examples, when you need to remove a Windows 10 guest account, you can use PowerShell. To remove the guest account named Visitor , run the command below in PowerShell. Be aware that you will not receive a confirmation prompt when running Remove-LocalUser! To verify that the Visitor account has been removed, run the Get-LocalUser command as shown below.

The resulting error will indicate that the user account no longer exists. Allowing guests to use your computer need not be risky with a Windows 10 guest account. Create a PowerShell script that asks for the name of the new guest user! Hate ads? Want to support the writer? Get many of our tutorials packaged as an ATA Guidebook. ATA Learning is always seeking instructors of all experience levels. Why not write on a platform with an existing audience and share your knowledge with the world?

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Adding a new user account without a password. Finalizing the newly created standard account. The Visitor account. Converting a standard user account into a guest user account.

The Visitor account membership has changed from Users to Guests. Removing a guest account via the User Accounts window. Confirming to remove the guest account. Opening an elevated command prompt. Adding a Windows 10 guest account using the command prompt. Opening PowerShell as an Administrator. Creating a Windows 10 Guest account using PowerShell. Remove-Localuser -Name Visitor. Get-LocalUser -Name Visitor.

Removing the Windows 10 guest account using PowerShell. Explore ATA Guidebooks. Get Paid to Write! Continue reading with these similar tutorials.


Create guest account windows 10 cmd free

ExpressVPN Review. Best Wi-Fi Routers. The guest account is now set up. It should be in the “Users” folder under “Local Users and Groups. What Is svchost.

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