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Please note that this post is over a year old and may contain outdated information. Due to this, the audio bitrate is not directly affected by video quality like in playeg past.

Rather, YouTube can stream the video and audio it frree appropriate for a given device and connection. It can also adjust one during playback without affecting the other. Changing video resolution p, p, etc in the video settings will probably not impact the audio stream, but it is likely that your connection performance will. So where does WebM and Opus come from? How popular a video needs to be pc games download free it gets a WebM version jaksta media player for windows free difficult to say.

I have some view videos that have WebM versions but other view ones that don’t yet. Learn more about WebM and Opus audio here. How to Determine Bitrate I created a YouTube video info tool that gives readable details on the streams YouTube has available for a given video, and allows you to download the individual audio streams for analysis.

Note: This tool works for most videos, but not VEVO or other copy-protected videos if you get a blank screen or empty download that is probably why.

The info that the tool provides comes directly from Google Video. The Adaptive Formats section contains the individual video and audio streams YouTube picks from during playback. The Stream Maps section contains complete video files with audio that can be downloaded directly from YouTube. Once a video or audio stream is downloaded jaksta media player for windows free the Adaptive Formats section, you can use ffprobe part of ffmpeg to analyse the file and obtain the real bitrate, which may differ a little from what is listed in jaksta media player for windows free bitrate section on the tool.

Analyzing Network Traffic To make sure YouTube isn’t streaming some other file than what is shown above, Atmel studio 6.2 for analyzed network traffic to see just how many bits are really being transferred. For more details on the http requests involved in a YouTube stream, please see this technical post. Since it is new it doesn’t have a WebM version yet.

After uploading to YouTube and allowing fod time to process, I analyzed the network traffic during playback and found that it was WebM I analyzed a music video that jaksta media player for windows free enough views to have a WebM version. I found that is was playing Legacy Audio Quality YouTube didn’t always have separate audio streams. In and earlier, YouTube would play a specific audio jaksta media player for windows free depending on download sony vegas 13 64 bit with crack free video resolution selected.

For a full list of the legacy bitrates that YouTube used, see these tables: From July jaksta media player for windows free some time inMedai used these bitrates, as jaksta media player for windows free as the originally-uploaded video had a high-enough bitrate or was lossless. Share This Post Twitter. Logitech W 2. Headphones with Mics See More Details. Add a Comment. Leroy Jenkins Apr 20, Would love to see jaksta media player for windows free fixed, or if someone finds an alternate version somewhere that does still work, or jaksta media player for windows free writes a new version themselves, share it!

Agent Nov 29, Yes, it does still matters, especially some of quality sizes has different audio bitrate, going for p above not only gives you kb bit rate, but also kb and kb. In short, higher quality videos also gives you higher quality audios. Agent Aug 22, JDownloader 2 is a good alternative jalsta the said site which was currently not working. With a little configuration LinkGrabber, and YouTube PlugInyou can check its original content info and change it for downloading by your desire.

I would recommend using JDownloader2, but beware of sites that contains installers with malware! For anyone looking for portable version which you can simply open it in windows PCinstall the clean version, archive it, and you’re good to go! Agent Aug 22, Salila I tried going to that site B trojan” “Access to it has been blocked. Your computer is safe. Salila Jul 30, Hey everybody There is a solution to this!

I was waiting for ages for this to be fixed too but instead I found a way to get the exact same thing via a video download site Since I don’t know if links are permitted here, I will just leave playeg name of the site in this way Go to: vdyoutube dot com, enter your yt link like you once did jaksta media player for windows free the tool that isn’t working and you’ll get the exact same link options.

It works perfectly! It posts “An unknown error occurred. Please try again in a few seconds. Someone May 18, The source which was used to get the info is no longer working guys! Wolf May 05, Yeah- it’s not working again. I even tried removing the https and the www to see if windows 10 pro walmart free download would help, but no. Araldur Elgas May 03, Nick, Your tools doesn’t windowx to wjndows working anymore. Any chance of it getting fixed?

Best wishes. Agent May 01, [May 02, ]: Still awaiting for update Output showing error message: “An unknown error occurred. Asino Apr 23, any chance that the tool is going to get fixed some time in the future?

It’s very useful. Raoul Feb 04, Don’t know what youtube is doing but it’s not been working for quite sometimes now. Nick are you there? Sebastian Jan 02, Unfortunately the tool is currently broken again. Emanuel Dec 17, Jksta you for fixing it Nick, your tool is awesome! I didn’t get the chance to thank you before, I only asked for a fix, so thank u. Your tool is the only way I can enjoy p 60fps or 4k 30fps on my under-powered hardware. Jaksta media player for windows free don’t understand how Youtube runs so bad compared to VLC.

Shaishav Dec 15, it does not work now. Emanuel Dec 15, One of your tools windowx work anymore. It worked fine some days ago but now it fails for every single video I have tested.

Mandra Dec 14, Hi Nick, not sure if it’s the right place but I try. About the audio of YouTube: when I upload a song with tunestotube and I compare it to another channel which has uploaded the same song the same way It’s like if mine was a mp3 and his a wav it’s an image but if you re an audiophile, you ll hear that Keep in mind that we have exactly uploaded the same mp3 file, free downloaded from his video’s link.

And as the Mp4 files is encoded online on tunestotube, both uploaded video have exactly been encoded the same way online but fro encoded differently by youtube. What could jaksta media player for windows free that difference of audio quality?

Raoul Dec 13, Ah sh! Lloyd Dunamis Nov jaksta media player for windows free, Actually nevermind my earlier post; it works even with https. Just that, it working may be intermittent or something. Raoul Nov 26, Windiws Nick for the fix whatever happened? Jaksta media player for windows free as well post a bitcoin address for the generous people who enjoy your much appreciated work?

Max Nov 23, Nick, we’re need you! Heelp us, fix this great tool :. Raoul Nov 17, Broken since friday :. Markus Oct 31, A great tool, thank you for your work. And with your tool I could see 6 channels there, and I am also able to download the m4a File.

Really awesome :. Tintin Sep 11, Hi! How can I download the audio? Thank you! Avadhutji Перейти 06, Yes, iwndows is broken again. Please do fix it Nick. Tinh Jul 11, It looks like the YouTube video ссылка на страницу tool has temporarily been broken once again.

The tool did work during the previous day, so either the tool is down or Playef may have changed YouTube’s code such that it broke the tool. Raoul Jun 25, Thanks Nick you da man. I see you updated the font too. Nick Jun 20, I apologize for taking so long to get the tool up and running again. It had some very old code accessing non-secure data http from YouTube, which Google disabled completely a couple months ago. I updated it and it appears to be working again. Ravel Jun 18, Yup same issue here.

Tool no longer works smh! Garry Jun 05, Perhaps Youtube have blocked the tool. It no longer works Raoul May 29, Damn who broke it? Dave May 29, Similar to Mick below, it seems the tool has stopped working.



Download Jaksta Media Player and read more about it here

Have you tried Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder? Be careful when you install the software and disable addons that you don’t want! Related Software. Software Home » Video Streaming Downloaders. Windows Windows. Full Specifications. What’s new in version 7.


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It is great for recording radio shows, downloading live lectures, sports, webcams, webinars and more. If you can watch it or listen to it, you can save it to your PC.

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