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The COINS Auto-Section Box tool gives you tremendous speed and agility over managing three-dimensional views when analyzing model areas of particular interest. It allows you to quickly create temporary and permanent views to be used for immediate interrogation of the model or for construction document deliverables.

Click here for a video showing the top 5 uses. I’ve come to depend on this add-in in my place of work. It works great and speeds up my 3d modeling tremendously. Revit LT does not support add-ins, therefore, unfortunately, this tool will not work in within Revit LT.

Hello, i love COINS section box but i have a problem, in a project instead of showing the whole element it just makes a cube, and not showing for example the whole column, only the centre of it, any ideas why please? I am a big fan of using this tool, especially between multi trade coordination. However, there seems to be issues with the new revit software and autosection. I am having issues where the coordination model, linked NWD, isn’t visible despite all worksets turned on and the coordination model settings are all visible.

The second issue with the autosection box seems to be displaced within the actual view its self and I am having issues with cropping my view. I have tried removed from my computer and redownloading, this is not worked at all. I also want to mention my Revit model is hosted on BIM I had less issues when the model was hosted on my server. Really good plugin, keep up the good work. Can you get the program as msi file instead?

I need to install it on a lot of machines and would like to install using a script. I need it for the following versions: , , and Thank you for the kind words. While you are in the exe front-end where you choose which version to install you will find the MSI files in a sub folder of your temp folder. You can copy those out and use them directly in deployments. Is the side by side view option going to made possible again? It is a great application, keep up the great work!

For some reason I am not able to get the option to get side by side view when I make a section box. Please help! Hello Osmany. That feature had to be removed from the version onwards because of how the new Revit tabbed windows work. This is a very useful tool. You can create a scope box and then create a 3d view the exact size of the scope box as well using this tool.

Then use the toggle section box and it becomes very powerfull for model review and also for model export. Hello Jorge – thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I do not think add-ons can be added to the quick access toolbar. However, you can assign our tool to a keyboard shortcut – nearly as good.

Autodesk’s Selection Box tool doesn’t come close to the features of this add-in. Keep up the great work! What an add-in. I’m surprised most firms have not heard about or used this tool on a regular basis.

This is a must add! This is a great tool! Once I was introduced to the Auto Section, it was a game changer. I now use this tool all day, every day. Thank you for developing such a useful tool.

User support response is also very quick and eager to help. Great tool, does what it says it can do. Would be even better to have keyboard shortcuts to quickly view something and turn it off.

Hi Marco. Thats a very productive tool I really missed when I switched from Archicad to Revit. Glad we have it now. This Add-in is the greatest tool for daily coordination with all disciplines and it is fast to show sectional areas. Gracias, ya trabajando con se acostumbra uno a esa herramienta y no sabia como poderla usar, Gracias.

Our users love this tool, but I just installed it on a Win 10 box, and the tool is not showing up. Is Win 10 supported? Keep up the good work? Excellent tool, simple but powerful, and so quick. Support was very prompt when I asked about installing for all users in Revit This is an awesome application that gives us the settings and freedom that the integrated section box does not in Revit.

Quick customer response and excellent performance. But i have one wish. Include a toggle to create a new view or specify an existing view. If a user is not paying attention, they will change an existing view accidentally. We currently have this Add-In as part of our Typical install that serves approx.

Once it was installed, users began developing it into their standard workflow immediately with fantastic and positive results. Extremely productive. Even though they added the functionality in base product this app still beats that as well I appreciate your effort very much but the problem when I install it for revit it’s not appearing even in the installed program. A perfect example of an easy to use tool which saves a lot of time in the long run especially when you are working on large projects like myself.

Jon from Coins helped me with a problem I was having with an install issue almost instantly. Great service. I was only without coins for a few hours until we contacted their helpdesk. Auto section box has totally changed the way I use Revit. Have been looking for those kind of apps for a long time. Autodesk Exchange Apps saves me a lot of efforts. But sometimes it takes me to some unknown forum and I downloaded some extensions with virus. Thanks to autodesk, I don’t need to take risk any more.

Can somebody help me please? I used the coinstranslate app but this morning I received this message. Please try again after the 17th of the month. You should be consistent and follow Microsoft standards so it works better with automated systems like computer images and unattended installers. La uso desde el comienzo, y simplemente es una herramienta fundamental para modelar. Simple de usar, y va directo al problema. Lo recomiendo!

I use this app all the time to review for proper coordination while I am working in Revit. I especially use it while in meetings with team members and clients. Usually everyone starts asking about the app and how to install it for themselves. Great help for everyday. I also had a great experience with their support team today when I had a user error with a lost dialog box. Coins gave me a quick reply email with solutions that allowed me to continue without great difficulty. Thanks Coins Installed as part of base image.

With a base image every user is a new user, sort of. And I have to install it for each user on each machine. Download this now! Amazing fast – powerful tool!! If you’ve read this entire post and still haven’t started the download, you’re already missing out! Now I feel comfortable running Revit in a meeting. Thank you very much for your feedback. It is much appreciated. Yes, it is available in Revit , I just did not see it the first time.

My team is very happy about this tool and they started using it and they feel that the tool is a time saver.


Autodesk revit 2019 viewer free download.Revit Installation and Configuration

Revit Viewer is intended for reviewing models and printing views and sheets without the need for a software license or subscription. In viewer. autodesk revit, autodesk revit mac, autodesk revit , autodesk revit student, autodesk revit , autodesk revit , autodesk revit viewer, autodesk. Log issues on the fly in Revit during design review and/or coordination meetings with BIM Track. Download the BIM Track add-in for Revit.


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