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ZotFile can rename and add the most recently modified file from the Firefox download or a user specified folder as a new attachment to the currently selected Zotero item. It renames the file using metadata from the selected Zotero item user configurable , and stores the file as a Zotero attachment to this item or alternatively, moves it to a custom location.

The user can also select any number of Zotero items and automatically rename and move all attachments of these items according to the user defined rules using metadata of the respective zotero item batch processing. Instructions are below. After highlighting and annotating pdfs on your tablet or with the PDF reader application on your computer , ZotFile can automatically extract the highlighted text and note annotations from the pdf.

The extracted text is saved in a Zotero note. Thanks to Joe Devietti, this feature is now available on all platforms based on the pdf. For Zotero 5 , first download the extension file follow the download link above, click on the.

To attach new files to Zotero items, zotfile looks for the most recently modified e. For Zotero Firefox, this option is set to the Firefox download folder by default. ZotFile offers many other options that can be changed by the user.

Set up a folder on your PC or Mac that syncs with your tablet reader application. Files that are copied to this folder should automatically appear in your PDF reader application. More detailed instructions as well as alternative options should be available on the website of your PDF reader App. You can now start sending pdfs or other files to your tablet. ZotFile will automatically remove the file from your tablet folder and extract the annotations from the pdf file to a zotero note.

ZotFile adds a saved search for modified files on tablet which updates automatically and can be used to sync attachment files that have been changed. ZotFile renames files based on bibliographic information from the currently selected Zotero item.

Zotfile also supports optional and exclusive wild-cards. Some examples are below. American Journal of Sociology All wildcards are now defined in the hidden preference zotfile.

But I strongly suggest that you do not change this preference. Instead, there is a second hidden preference zotfile. This is a preference is for advanced user without any error checking so be careful what you do! By default, zotfile. Always include a default value. Otherwise this is not going to work. A list of all item types is available here. ZotFile uses the specified field as an input string and then applies the transformations specified in operations.

The value of field can either be the name of a Zotero field see 1 or a javascript object with item type specific field names see 2. Zotfile uses the exec function based on the regular expression defined in regex , and returns the element specified in group so that 0 returns the matched text and higher values the corresponding capturing parenthesis.

If the match fails, this operation returns the input data. Optional parameters: group default 0 , flags default “g”. Zotfile uses the replace function with the regular expression regex and replacement string replacement. Required parameters: regex , replacement. Optional parameters: flags default “g”. Currently supported are toLowerCase , toUpperCase , and trim. A complete list of Zotero fields is available here dateModified and dateAdded seem to be missing from that list and all the item types are here.

The fields for each item type are listed on this page. Zotfile defines a number of additional fields that can be used as part of wildcards: itemType is the language specific item type, formatedTitle is the title formatted using the options defined in the zofile preferences, author is the author string formatted using the zotfile preferences, authorLastF is the author string formatted as LastnameF, and authorInitials are the initial of the authors.

Most importantly, validate your json. Check out zotfile. Finally, the JSON has to be reformatted to one line that can be pasted into the preference field in about:config. Here is the example from above:. The information in this file might not be up to date but you can look at the default wildcards and learn something about user-defined wildscards here. The minified version in one line is here so that you can copy it to zotfile.

Zotfile can extracted annotations and highlighted text from many PDF files. The extracted annotations are saved in Zotero notes and you can go back to the annotation in the pdf by clicking on the link after the extracted text.

PDFs are a very complex format and the extraction will never work for all files. If you can, there is a chance that future versions of zotfile will solve the problem. But only share files for which you can copy and paste text! Currently, pdf. The poppler-based tool, however, is faster and might handle certain pdf standards that are not yet supported by pdf.

Zotfile adds a link to extracted annotations that allows you to open the pdf file at the page with the annotation.

Just click on the link after some extracted text and your pdf should open on the correct location. On Windows, zotfile detects the default pdf viewer and opens the pdf on the correct page not tested for Windows 8.

If zotfile is unable to detect the default viewer or you want to force zotfile to use a different viewer, simply change the hidden option zotfile. Preview, however, does not support scripting very well and has certain limitations. Skim , an alternative pdf viewer for Mac OS, works much better! Just set the hidden option zotfile. For Linux, zotfile first tries okular and then evince but you can also set the zotfile. Zotfile has a number of hidden options that allow you to further configure zotfile.

You can access the hidden options through about:config. Search for extensions. Here is a list of the options that can be changed by the user I strongly discourage to change any of the other options :. With this option set to true, zotfile attaches all files in the user defined folder to the currently selected zotero item. Getting the file back from the tablet replaces the zotero attachment file and removes it from the tablet folder. This mode is recommended when you sync attachment files in your zotero library across multiple computers or when you index your attachments.

In this mode there is always only one copy of the file. You can not, however, sync linked attachments to the zotero server. By default, zotfile asks the user whether an attachment should be send to the tablet that is already on the tablet, which can be useful to move it to a different subfolder. This user confirmation can be disabled with this option. These options allow the user to tag the parent item when sending push or getting back pull attachments to or from the tablet.

NoteHtmlTagStart ,. NoteHtmlTagEnd ,. HighlightHtmlTagStart ,. HighlightHtmlTagEnd ,. UnderlineHtmlTagStart ,. These options allow the user to fine-tune the formatting of the extracted PDF annotations in the zotero note. They define the opening and closing html tag for different types of annotations.

The end options for note, highlight and underline have to be the closing tag for the corresponding start option. By default, zotfile removes hyphens from extracted text. Setting NoteRemoveHyphens to false, disables this option. With this option, zotfile extracts PDF annotations twice using both pdf. This option only works on Mac OS when the poppler based extraction script is installed.

Custom, regular expression-based replacements in extracted annotations. The hidden option can be used to fix it. You can report bugs on the Zotfile thread in the Zotero forum. Also make sure that you can reproduce the bug and describe the steps as closely as possible. In addition, any information from the Error Console are very helpful. You can also clear the console, execute the actions that caused the problem and then check again.

If I ask you to provide a Report ID, follow the instructions here. This is not really a new feature but with two recent changes in Zotero see this and this pull request , it became much more useful! Simply click on the link that is part of your extracted annotations, and zotfile will open the pdf on the page with the annotation. The feature now works on Windows as well thanks to aurimasv and I have added support for Skim on Mac.

Check out the documentation for some more details. This version includes four improvements for the extraction of annotations. First, the new version greatly improves the detection of correct spaces between words.


Pdf expert not syncing free. Updating to PDF Expert 7: Everything you Need to Know


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PDF Expert Sync with iCloud/Dropbox/Google Drive/One Drive – What Using a Password Manager is Like


Step 1 First, please make sure you have a stable network connection. Step 2 If the sync issue persists, try disconnecting the cloud storage account from the app and connecting it anew.

To disconnect the storage from the app: iPad iPhone. Open PDF Expert. Find in your cloud storage on the sidebar. Tap and hold it. Tap Delete if some changes were not synced to the server, save the file’s copy locally. Tap three dots on the folder. Choose the needed storage.

Sign in again. Then, retry to sync your folders again to see if it helped. Was this article helpful for you? Yes No. Thank you! One then taps outbox where one will locate the unsent mail and click resend which should do the trick. Like any other app, PDF Expert may shut down unexpectedly due to bugs or any other reason associated with your system. The solution for this is in four methods. The second option is to open the app setting, click support, and further enable detailed logging toggle where one recreates the issue and sends feedback to the support.

Lastly, one can open the iOS settings app, click privacy then analytics. One will find the latest PDF Expert crash logs which they will forward it to support. Another common PDF Expert problem is sync issues where the application fails to sync with other computer applications. This problem is mainly due to faults in the internet connection. To solve this problem, one can try disabling WIFI and connecting it back again. If the sync issue persists, one should disconnect the web storage account and connect it afresh.

The disconnection is done by clicking the “in the cloud” tab and under it find the tab storage where one should tap and hold onto it. Tapping it once more will remove it. To connect it again, one should click “in the cloud tab” followed by add icon. At this point, one would choose the needed storage and the sync should work perfectly afterward. Most files cannot be formed because the format of the file is incompatible. In case of an incompatible document, one should send the document to support for further scrutiny and a way forward will be sent back from PDF Expert help.

However, there are ways you can go around it to perform the same function. This can be done by installing both the Sharefile app and the SugarSync app. In the case where one is not satisfied with PDF Expert’s performance, there are various alternatives that the user can purchase in order to enjoy the same level of service.


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