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Appendixes A. You might also like video The Art of Leadership Audio Book by Michael Lopp Many people think leadership is a higher calling that resides exclusively with managers who practice or … book Software Engineering at Google by Titus Winters, Tom Manshreck, Hyrum Wright Today, software engineers need to know not only how to program effectively but also how to … book Designing Data-Intensive Applications by Martin Kleppmann Data is at the center of many challenges in system design today. Appendixes A. Photoshop Elements 6 is packed with new features. Book description With Photoshop Elements 6, the most popular photo-editing program on Earth just keeps getting better.


Adobe photoshop elements 6 handbuch pdf free download

It’s perfect for scrapbooking, email-ready slideshows, Web galleries, you name it. Get it now. This full-color guide starts with the simplest functions and progresses to increasingly complex features of Elements. Artistic Elements There’s also live online events, interactive content, certification prep materials, and more. Get downloadable practice images and try new tricks right away.


Photoshop Elements 6: The Missing Manual [Book]


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A high tolerance The impressionist brush tool lets you paint with erases a broader range of colors. Page Customizing Brush Libraries In Photoshop Elements, you can save libraries, For Spacing, enter a value or drag the slider to load, replace, save, rename brushes in libraries, Set the brush options as described palette menu. Page Preset Manager.

Type a value that is a percentage of the brush diameter. This mode works only in layers with editing tools Lock Transparency deselected and is analogous to You set options for a painting or editing tool in the painting on the back of transparent areas in a sheet options bar for that tool.

The effect is similar channel and selects the base or blend color— to shining a diffused spotlight on the image. Page Photoshop Elements. Page Choose a color, and click OK. Specify a blending mode and opacity for the paint.

Page Click a style to apply it to the shape layer. Transforming shapes You can also paint a border around a selection or a You can alter a shape by applying transformations layer. Page Creating And Editing Patterns This In addition to using the libraries of patterns allows you to create a softer border than one provided with Photoshop Elements, you can created using the Stroke layer style.

The Stroke create your own custom patterns. Page Feather must be set to 0 px. Enter a name for the pattern in the Pattern Deselect the rectangle. Page Using Layers About layers When you create, import, or scan an image in Photoshop Elements, the image consists of a single layer.

However, if you plan to add different elements to your image, layers will make your task a lot easier. In the Layers palette, select the layer that you want to move.

For Grid Size, choose a pattern size. By default, the transparent areas of a document appear as a Drag the layer up or down in the Layers palette. The copied Duplicate Layer from the Layers palette menu. For Select the Document Sizes option in the status bar. If a setting is dimmed, it is not Scaling applies only to shadow distance, outer present in the effect you are using, and therefore glow size, inner glow size, and bevel size.

You can fully or partially lock layers to protect their contents. When a layer is locked, a lock Note: For type and shape layers, transparency is displays to the right of the layer name. The name of the base layer in the position the pointer over the line separating two Page For more information on creating then click OK. If variety of backgrounds and textures.

You might necessary, exit from other applications to make then blur these textures. For value from the displacement map—0 is the example, using a parabola-shaped displacement maximum negative shift, is the maximum map, you can create an image that appears to be positive shift, and a gray value of produces no Specify the Shear the upper left or lower right, Out From Center curve by dragging the line in the box to form a displaces pixels toward or away from the center of curve for the distortion.

This blur- possible that eliminates defects. You can images, often for a 3D effect. Page Lighting Effects Filter For information on choosing a location. Shift-drag to keep the angle constant and change only the size of the ellipse.

Page Using Type in the options bar. For best vertical type tool. As a result, variety of shapes; for example, you can warp type the edges of the type blend into the background. The range of available type styles varies with hold down Shift and press the Right Arrow or Left each font. The type size determines how large the type appears in the image. The default unit of Select a unit of measurement for Type.

Photoshop Elements provides several options for working with Asian type. Asian fonts are often referred to as double-byte fonts or CJK fonts.

The character itself is is a block of horizontal type laid out within a not stretched or squeezed as a result. When mojikumi is off, full-width spacing is applied to these characters.

When mojikumi is on, half-width spacing is applied to these characters. You images for effective Web publishing can also use the layers in your original image to results.

You can select a modem speed in original and optimized images in the Save For Web the Preview pop-up menu. You need your Photoshop Elements serial number to use the full version of the product.

Need help finding your serial number? Sign in to My Adobe to find serial numbers for registered products. Or, see Find the serial number for your Elements product. If you don’t have the serial number, you can install the product and try it for a limited trial duration. Make sure that your system meets the requirements for Photoshop Elements products. Having trouble? Get help from our community experts. Using the Photoshop Undo command lets you undo only one step and The Snapshot command lets you make a state.

Double-click the snapshot and enter a name. The measure tool calculates the distance between any two points in the work area. When you Do one of the following Page 93 Web or other ImageReady. Otherwise, it will be lost if you create a Page Setting Preferences Numerous program settings are stored in Adobe To rename presets contained in a library: Photoshop 6 Prefs.

Adobe Photoshop 6 Settings folder. Page Getting Images Into Chapter 2: Getting Images into Photoshop and ImageReady ou can get digital images from a variety of Bitmap images are the most common electronic sources—you can create new images, medium for continuous-tone images, such as import them from another graphics appli- photographs or digital paintings, because they can cation, or capture them using a digital camera.

In Photoshop, an image with a low resolution. Image resolution thus becomes a produce different results when you resize an compromise between image quality capturing all image. Page CHAPTER 2 Getting Images into Photoshop and ImageReady If you turn on resampling for the image, you can To maintain the current proportions of image change print dimensions and resolution indepen- width to image height, select Constrain Propor- dently and change the total number of pixels in tions.

Systems Incorporated. If you have problems with scanning, make sure that you are using the latest For Screen, enter the screen frequency for the version of the appropriate scanner driver. Adobe Acrobat. Page Placing Files Constrain Proportions. By default, these options represent scale as a Open the Photoshop image into which you percentage; Saturation repre- they are also called additive colors. Each pair of subtractive the three channels translate to 24 8 x 3 bits of colors creates an additive color, and vice versa.

When vary, depending on the printing conditions. Common values for bit Every Adobe Photoshop image has one or more depth range from 1 to 64 bits per pixel. In addition, only the Page Converting To Indexed Color Photoshop CHAPTER 3 Working with Color Converting to indexed color Applying colors Photoshop Once you have set up the color mode for an image, you can specify a foreground and background Converting to indexed color reduces the color by using the eyedropper tool, the Color number of colors in the image to at most — For example, a variety of color standards set by clients and RGB spaces can exist among scanners and designers, viewing and editing color monitors, and a variety of CMYK spaces can exist consistently becomes critical, all the way from among printing presses.

These settings can also serve as starting the Color Settings dialog box. The working spaces Photoshop 4. For a newly created document, the color another action. To share custom color settings between lighting conditions of your work station.

Turn anti-aliasing on or off for the rounded Do one of the following: rectangle or elliptical marquee. To preview the selection in the image window, You can drag a selection border partly ImageReady beyond the canvas boundaries.

When you drag If you create a slice in ImageReady, it can be it back, the original border reappears intact. Make a selection. Using any selection tool, do one of the You can use this option to select an object placed following: against a solid-colored background.

Select a Enter a value for the Feather Radius, and tool to display its options bar. You must specify click OK. If you have You can move or copy selections and layers within selected multiple areas, all move as you drag. Use the Image Size To create multiple copies of a selection within an image: command to make the source and destination images the same resolution before copying and Select the move tool , or hold down Ctrl pasting.

Page Drawing And Editing Chapter 6: Drawing and Editing he drawing tools let you create and edit Working with shapes provides several advantages: vector shapes. Keep in mind the following differences when using Select the rectangle tool , rounded rectangle the drawing tools in Photoshop and ImageReady: tool , ellipse tool , or line tool ; When using a shape tool, pixels with the surrounding pixels. Select Start, End, or both to specify as a star.

Enter a percentage in the text box to on which end of the line arrows are rendered. The saved shape appears in the Shape pop-up palette. Anchor points are position the pointer where you want the next added automatically as you draw. When this option is path, and drag. To select or deselect a path in the palette: Because they take up less disk space than pixel- Do one of the following It can contain more than one distinct endpoints for example, a wavy line. Hold down Shift as you the points or segments you want to move.

Page OK. Page CHAPTER 6 Drawing and Editing To add an anchor point: To convert between a smooth point and a corner point: Select the add anchor point tool , and Select the convert anchor point tool , position the pointer on the path where you want and position the pointer over the anchor point the anchor point added a plus sign appears next you want changed. Because of their smooth outlines, you can convert Enter a new name in the Rename Path dialog paths into precise selection borders.

Filling a path is the same as creating a rasterized shape using the shape tools. DCS 2. When the heavy You can select one or more channels in the black line appears in the position you want, Channels palette. Type a name for the new image. The new image channels you want to merge, and make one of the appears in an untitled window.

If needed, rename the channel. If you select a custom color, your print service provider can more easily provide the proper ink to Select Spot Color. Photoshop Note: In some cases, such as varnish and bump You can use the blending effects associated with plates, you may want colors to overprint. This is Select Invert to use the negative of the channel a good way to combine nonoverlapping images in contents in the calculation.

For Channel, choose two channels. Gray to get the same effect as would be obtained by converting the image to a grayscale image. Painting with white mode to add to or subtract from it to make the removes areas from the mask, expanding the mask. Alternatively, create the mask entirely in selection. Use a painting or editing tool to paint in the image. Paint with black to add to the channel, paint with By default, the selection is saved in a new channel.

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