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When you open this photo editing app , you see the automatically created slideshows, as well as photos and videos collages on the main screen. With a step-by-step guide and automated functions, you may create beautiful photos being an amateur in editing. This program is a great tool to realize creative ideas of beginners.

You can download free Photoshop actions , free Photoshop overlays , free Photoshop textures , and free Photoshop brushes to make your post-processing faster and professional. Adobe Photoshop Elements Rank. Photoshop Express. Paint Net. Lightroom 6 Free Download. GIMP Free. Download Paint Net. Pixlr Free. Fine Art Nude Photography. Download Photoshop Online.

Skylum Luminar 4 Review. Best Free Graphic Design Software. Landscape photographers, however, have drawn the short straw when it comes to solving the contrast problem. To make the post-production easier we need to take a little care in the pre-production, i. Take two exposures — one overexposing from the auto reading and the other underexposing from the auto reading.

One or two stops either side of the meter-indicated exposure should cover most high-contrast situations. The only other movement to be aware of is something beyond your control. If there is a gale blowing or even a moderate gust you are not going to get the leaves on the trees to align perfectly in post-production. This also goes for fast-moving clouds and anything else that is likely to be zooming around in the fraction of a second between the first and second exposures.

Step 2 The files used in this tutorial have been optimized from the original Raw files to enhance the shadow and highlight detail. Many HDR workflows use more than two exposures but the two captured for this project provide good shadow and highlight detail without the need for additional files the advantage of shooting Raw. For this project I have dragged both the Highlights and Shadows slider to to achieve maximum detail from both exposures.

I have then selected Done at the base of the Photomerge Exposure dialog to merge the exposures. Enfuse is every bit as good as Photomerge Exposure. Step 3 In the Layers panel choose Flatten Image from the fly out menu we no longer have any need for the original exposure on the background layer.

Right-click on the new background layer after the file has been flattened and choose Duplicate Layer. This will ensure the color saturation does not increase when we take the next action. In the Layers panel set the mode of the copy layer to Soft Light. This is one of the contrast blend modes so the visual outcome will be to raise the contrast of the image.

Step 6 The next few steps will help resolve any remaining halos that may be apparent in the sky of your HDR image. Switch off the visibility of the Background copy layer and click on the background layer to select it. Select the Quick Selection Tool in the Tools panel and check the Auto Enhance option in the Options bar this will help to refine the edge of the selection. Click and drag the Quick Selection Tool over your sky to select it. The sky will be copied to a new layer.

In the Layers panel set the mode of this layer to Multiply. This action will darken the sky. A small halo will appear above the dark rocks. We will reduce this halo in the following couple of steps.

This will allow you to turn the edges of the current selection into a new selection. Enter in a value of pixels in the width field the maximum possible and then select OK. If you are working with lower resolution images you may need to lower this amount. We are trying to cover the width of the halo with this selection so be generous with the width rather than conservative. In this project we have used a value of 50 pixels.

Select OK. The feathering process will ensure that when we darken this region of the image it will occur gradually. This will place a border of sky pixels on a new layer.

Set the mode of this border layer to Multiply to darken the sky and remove the halo in this region. Step 11 Lower the opacity of this layer until the darkening process is subtle no dark band should be visible.

Select the Eraser Tool from the Tools panel and choose a larger soft edged brush in the options bar. Remove any unwanted darkening from the sides and the top of the image and the process of halo reduction is complete.

The halo will appear so we need to mask this aspect of this tonal mapping layer. Step 13 Select Layer 2 in the Layers panel the border sky layer in Multiply mode. Then add a Levels adjustment layer go to the Create new fill or adjustment layer icon at the base of the Layers panel and choose Levels from the pull-down menu.

The selection will be turned into an adjustment layer mask. Select the Background copy layer above the Levels adjustment layer and then from the Layer menu choose Create Clipping Mask. We will now see the sky below and the halo will again be under control. Step 14 We will now add a vignette to the image. Choose the Rectangular Marquee Tool and choose a pixel feather in the Options bar.

Select the central portion of the image. Then hit the delete or Backspace key to remove the selected area. Lower the opacity until you achieve a subtler vignette effect. This is an Extract from Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.

Learn more tips and tricks from Photoshop expert Mark Galer. With these improvements, Adjust 4 offers a new way for photographers to improve their photos quickly.

It is compatible with Windows and Intel-based Macs. Other tools make the same standard adjustments to every single photo they’re applied to. In contrast, Topaz Adjust 4 tailors the adjustments specifically to the photo in question.

This gives it the flexibility to ditch the cookie cutter enhancements and create some truly fantastic and unique photo effects. Topaz Adjust 4 makes this process easy by merging this extraordinary adaptive technology with many presets and an intuitive workflow. In addition to the effects that Topaz Adjust is already known for — like pseudo-HDR, detail enhancement, and creative exposure — Topaz Adjust 4 includes a wide variety of new customizable presets that range from mild to extreme.

This gives photographers a new flexibility to quickly choose and fine-tune the exact look that they are going for in any given photo. It also works well with a variety of host programs. Photographers everywhere are now taking advantage of the creative exposure effects, artistic simplification, unique edge manipulation, and top-of-the-line noise reduction offered in Topaz products.



Pse adobe photoshop elements 8.0 free free

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