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Hi, I am currently using Inventor Pro and it is great software for mechanical engineering design. But some of my friends recommends Solidworks is good for 3d design. So I posted this question. Go to Solution. All software has its pros and cons.. You have to decided which application fits your needs.

Weight the pros and cons. Just because your friends say this package is better doesn’t mean it better for you. Mark Lancaster.

Did this resolve your issue? Please accept it “As a Solution” so others may benefit from it. Much has been discussed on this topic in the past, please spend some time reading those discussions first, and then return to ask more specific questions if needed.

See link:. In general “which is better product X or product Y? Again you can find those topics at the link I posted above. I hope this helps. I do have to point out that you posted this question to a group of individuals on an Autodesk forum, most of whom make their living using Inventor. That said, I think you should maybe give us a little more information about what you want to use this for, as some software is better at one thing than others So, knowing what you will use it for may help us to advise you better.

Thanks for reply. I want to use inventor for motor car engine design and manufacturing, heat and thermal effects analysis. This is an interesting question but I am not sure how you would be able to find the answer anywhere. My question is how you define “best. If one of them was not up to the task, it should have been gone by now. You might be able to find an answer of which is better of the two in terms of a specific workflow or a specific design.

There is nothing wrong using SWX. Nor is nothing wrong using Inventor. Nowadays, these major players support associative interoperable workflows.

One can read the other’s file somewhat associatively. It is a multi-CAD world. We have customers using multiple tools.

At the end of the day, it is about how to get the job done reliably and quickly. I work for Inventor team. You know my answer. They each have their own followers However, why not ask.. They will prefer to take on someone who is trained in these tools and has an official training Certificate to prove it. A lot of companies you listed here use different CAD systems for different purposes at different divisions. I don’t think they use singular solution.

Some also use Inventor. Take the ultra high performance race car maker Koenigsegg Engieering for example. They also use Inventor along with other CAD systems. Please see the public link below. With both you can go from A to B Do not listen who tell you that all cad are the same, like here.

I suppose they never used and tested for at least 2 years I might have to do with time spent in the package, but even now I feel you need much more clicks to do the same. After some time these little annoyances might disappear.

It is also difficult to find the package that belong to your needs, when you don’t know the package is able to do. I have attended most the Solidworks courses. And passed the Associate, and Sheet Metal Professional exams. So i used Solidworks a lot. And in my opioin Inventor is a lot better. But like people have said, it depends what you want it for. For me i wanted Sheet Metal and iLogic.

Solidworks can’t change models as good as Inventor. I can change my models in seconds. And on the courses i went on no one could get my model to change that quick in Solidworks. They could not even get it to change how i wanted it to. I also found the people teaching in the training courses wasn’t as knowledgeable as they were on the Inventor courses.

And i went to 3 different training centers, and it was the same at all of them. This is partly due to they was straight out of university, so hadn’t used the software in a real design environment.

So did not understand a lot of questions i asked them. Whereas the people training the Inventor courses had all worked in a design area for a number of years. So understood more. Does SolidWorks? The correct answer is – No. If that is not normal – which CAD programs do? I have used both daily for years and am a certified professional in both.

Would you recommend that the OP listen to my opinions which I can back up with examples in both softwares? If I may, if you are needing 3x the steps and operations in Inventor vs SWX, I’d say you’re not doing it correctly and may need professional training. Typical Adesk software, if you know one way to do it, there’s at least another 4 other ways. Not sure what you mean by “often without a specific command or way”.

Can you explain? Better yet, have you posted the issues on the main board? Your comment of “Inventor isn’t multicore in 3d modeling ” is false, sorry. Inventor does in fact access and use multi-core, but only for commands that require it.

Think a basic linear Extrude, versus Stress analysis. In general terms SWX and Inventor are the same, but they each have their differences. Were you professionally trained on SWX?

If so, I’ll bet you compared the two back then as well. I’ve worked with both, often at the same time. Our parts were being held or had to be held to the 4th decimal and this type of failure rate was and would have killed us. That was SWX’s release. Haven’t used it since. The other main issue he had was while in Inventor we were able to easily use equations in parameters and elsewhere, SWX until very recently didn’t offer such.

We used it extensively. Again, it all comes down to how you use the software. The best advice I can give is get a trial version 30 days typically isn’t enough, but that’s all you’ll get and run the softwares thru your typical daily routines. But, and this is a biggie, understand that you simply don’t know the more advanced abilities of these softwares and therefore will be stuck dealing with the basics. It’s extremely hard to not compare the basics of a software you aren’t well versed with to the more advanced commands you typically use on a software you are well versed with.

Quick example of that, a few years back I started teaching an Inventor Intro class, the first few classes I struggled and the students actually questioned if I knew the software or not.

At that point I showed them the more advanced commands I’d use to do what the lesson was covering, jaws dropped. The issue was I hadn’t used those basic commands in many years, I had moved on to the move advanced and more efficient way of creating the same features. I literally had to relearn the software basics. O’Flaherty, never go into small computers. There’s no future in them” – Dr.

Choi circa You might have over-valued your contribution to the discussion.


Autodesk inventor vs solidworks 2018 free download. Autodesk software free trials

Collaborative, autodesk inventor vs solidworks 2018 free download AI software that empowers AEC teams to plan, design and analyze high-quality site proposals. Additional industries include research and education, making use of SolidWorks to access the latest in engineering technology and gain skills needed by those in engineering industries. Здесь the latest enhancements in Inventor and жмите implementing them into your workflows. This is a one-time decision and applies to all additional products that you request access to through your Autodesk Education account. Other tools include Product Data Management solutions—improving the way teams manage and collaborate on product development—and innovative visualization capabilities. Wishlist name.


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By doing so, we can help CAD enthusiasts and beginners figure out what the real similarities and differences are between popular software packages. It was created by SolidWorks Corporation, who had been working on it since fs, and was finally released as the first significant 3D modeler for Windows in It ended up being a huge milestone in the evolution of CAD.

And the minds behind it? A team of engineers solidworos by Jon Hirschtick. Recognize the name? Catering fully to the needs of engineers solidworke designers, Dassault incorporated simulation capabilities in These were later developed to include aspects like Finite Element Analysis. And who knows what the future will feee As the name suggests, SolidWorks is a solid modeling program. Using a parametric feature-based approach, SolidWorks enables users to create models, parts and assemblies.

Models in the software typically begin as a 2D sketch before the parts are extruded into 3D using a variety of SolidWorks tools.

In fact, the latest updates in SolidWorks now enable users to work downloa even larger assemblies and edit them in large design review mode. Of course, no matter autodesk inventor vs solidworks 2018 free download great the modeling capabilities are, a real CAD package is determined by its simulation tools.

With that in mind, SolidWorks has a wide selection of simulation tools on offer to enable users to throw real-world conditions at their models and products.

Example tools include topology optimization to provide stress and frequency constraints when optimizing parts, the ability to test for static linear, time-based motion and high-cycle fatigue, and features to assess endurance under static, thermal and buckling conditions.

With SolidWorks Sustainability, users can even measure downlad environmental impacts of designs, including the effects of materials, assembly and disposal. Other tools include Product Data Management solutions—improving the way teams manage and collaborate autodesk inventor vs solidworks 2018 free download product development—and innovative visualization capabilities.

This comes as no real surprise, given the sheer sopidworks of tools and capabilities that this software suite boasts. Looking to join the autodesk inventor vs solidworks 2018 free download SolidWorks has a place in any industry looking for solutions to engineering problems. The British Ministry of Defense, for example, have used SolidWorks in the past to design strategic descargar one pro crack free equipment, arms, vehicles and vessels.

Additional industries include research and education, making use of SolidWorks to access the latest in engineering technology and gain skills needed by those in engineering autodesk inventor vs solidworks 2018 free download. The product was first released to the public in Before it came into being, however, Autodesk had its own 3D parametric tool called Designer, later evolving into a mechanical desktop design tool.

Just ssolidworks what the Autodesk inventor vs solidworks 2018 free download industry would have looked like then! Instead, Autodesk looked towards creating a competitor in the form of Autodesk Inventor. It читать далее load complex assemblies in next to no time at all by segmenting the graphical data from autoeesk model data.

In fact, it still stands as such today. Autodesk Inventor is увидеть больше 2D and 3D mechanical design, simulation, visualization and documentation software package. Beyond parametric modeling options, Inventor also provides direct edit and freeform modeling tools. With time being of the essence for any mechanical engineer, Inventor speeds up design processes by automating aspects like the advanced geometry creation autodesk inventor vs solidworks 2018 free download intelligent parts, e.

Like any CAD software worth aytodesk salt, Autodesk Inventor solidqorks armed with a wide range of simulation tools to help engineers create xutodesk perfect product and minimize manufacturing costs. Additionally, its capabilities include part and assembly-level motion solidwofks and stress analysis functionality. Of course, this downlaod just the tip of the iceberg for Autodesk Inventor.

Users can improve design workflows by making use of additional design tools, such as add-ins like sheet metal, injection molds, chains and frame design. And, with features like shared view collaboration, anyone can review autodesk inventor vs solidworks 2018 free download comment on shared models in Autodesk viewer.

Autodesk has a wide range of software packages on offer—AutoCAD is easily its most popular flagship product, with thousands of users using it worldwide. Despite its wide capabilities, however, AutoCAD falls short when it comes to aspects like mechanical engineering. Offering more specialized, mechanical toolsets, Inventor bridges the gap between design, engineering and manufacturing. Autodesk Inventor is used in mechanical engineering, tool making, sheet metal processing, plant construction, and a whole lot more.

Almost any autodesk inventor vs solidworks 2018 free download that designs and manufactures mechanical or electrical products uses Inventor.

This company provides steel and equipment for constructing high-voltage, open-air substations. As with any other product from CAD giant Autodesk, Inventor comes with a vast range of specialized tools and features to take product design to the next level:. SolidWorks is an industry-standard choice, offering specialist software with an easier learning curve. Autodesk Inventor, by comparison, offers architectural capabilities and student licensing.

No matter which software package you choose, however, Scan2CAD can help streamline your autodesk inventor vs solidworks 2018 free download. Looking to use your old drawings in SolidWorks or Inventor? Want to stay updated on all the latest CAD news and guides? Keep a close eye on the Scan2CAD blog!

Good article comparing Inentor and Solidworks, Having used both a lot, I can say that Inventor is the best. The biggest problem with Solidworks is how often it autocesk and graphics are not in the same league at Inventor. Solidworks crashing more then inventor? I have experience the opposite. Inventor keeps dying all the times. Thanks for this article. Being a user of both and in a company looking to expand its horizon, this helps me help my company see what works for us.

I really enjoy using both softwares, but I do have my favorite to use. We have the opposite experience. So we have to start with a lot of administrative work, before we can really start engineering, because you have to rename many files. Did someone find a real solution for this problem? We use the Inventor API to complete almost all of our administration and design automation.

Dosnload developed in VB. Far more reliable as solidwkrks. Great Article, I consider myself a seasoned user of both, but Inventor is the absolute package in my opinion. There are some nice tools in Solidworks, but solidowrks autodesk inventor vs solidworks 2018 free download tools are only as good as the user commanding it. Great article, though!

I am glad to read the article and the responses. We have both of these softwares and are trying to standardize on one. I am inventoe to hear more on why in was stated that Inventor has a much steeper learning solicworks than Solid Works?

Please let the group know your thoughts. I want по этому сообщению make sure we больше на странице the right decision for younger engineers. Hi, Nick. The community there is helpful has a lot of good insights. Good article, having vree both extensively 6 yrs Inventor and 8 Solidworks both systems have good features.

I would agree that the learning curve for Solidworks is far better, however the benefits that Inventor gives you in the long fre are greater. The graphics are far superior, the drawing autodesj quality is excellent, and I could go on. Smart parts and assemblies are also a big reason to choose Inventor. I would summarise by saying Inventor is the more sophisticated product that takes a little more time to get your head round, but pays you back in the long run.

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Thanks for sharing! Nick Sep 29, at PM.


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