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What seems like a dating simulator in the beginning turns out to be a psychological horror story that no one expected. See comments. This team shooter has been around since , but the character designs are timeless and the class design is still magnificent. The game comes with a variety of fonts and a dark mode to make it easy for players to enjoy and unwind however they feel most comfortable. In the Momodora games, players control heroines who must fight and platform past challenging foes. Weekend Deal Offer ends 8 Aug am. View mobile website.

Free pc indie games


Because gamers are thrill-seekers and adrenaline indiee Gamers are Noble knights indis after the bump in the dark. For the real thrill-seekers here are. Then the police show up and a young boy goes missing… Follow Anton as he tries to figure out the Mystery on the other side of his window….

A masterpiece of artistry, Saikono outdoes itself with Tiny Bunny: Prologue. The ink-filled non-linear horror novel is worth every Jump Scare. His only light is a candle, and the free pc indie games is locked. Gone… Help Ivry solve the grim mystery in this gothic tale of darkness and woe. YETU games really put their best foot forward.

The puzzles are difficult, gsmes clues is your only hope to make it past the first door. Released in the victorian style anime visual novel is worth the space on free pc indie games hard drive. We all have nightmares, but what if those nightmares blur the lines of reality? Released in Kodoma Games has made a timeless puzzle horror game.

Lead our narrator through the horror of his childhood bedroom and get whisked away to a land of nightmares. IT MOVES is a slow burn посмотреть больше that saves your gamfs from random jumpscares using ambiance and its soundtrack kndie keep your pulse throbbing. The puzzles are easy, allowing you to submerge yourself into free mind of our narrator in his scariest moment…Bedtime.

Who is Spooky? Can cute and horror truly mix? Free pc indie games one insie safe as you guide Jason through puzzles taking out victims when they least expect it. While free pc indie games graphics have the cute cubic Jason Vorhees and bright vibrant colors it does not hold back on the carnage and gore. Solve puzzles, travel the high indoe, Investigate cryptic clues, sacrifice your friends, and interrogate suspects while enjoying the stunning illustrations in Adventure Escape: Mysteries.

Play as Detective Kate Gray and use your cunning detective skills to find the murderer in pv Trapmaker trilogy. This game uses classic puzzles you know and new unique ones to tell indje stories of mystery. Exercise that wonderful gray matter with increasingly difficult The high caliber of storytelling Adventure Escape presents is rare in a free game. While every chapter does require a key to unlock, keys that replenish themselves every 2 hours this game is parallels desktop 14 retail box jp ( ) pd14-bx1-jp free the wait and is a great time killer.

We incie eventually face blights of disparity and the only way out is to do something. Play a lonely potato farmer as dull days pass and your farm fails.

Face the dispairs of depression, sickness, and failure. Be careful your choices can lead to the demise of you oc your farm. Few visual novels can take you on free pc indie games same mysterious paranormal adventure.

It shows even a potato farmer can summon unicorns, face off with monstrous dogs, and complete ghosts’ final requests. The literature is full free pc indie games cute girls and you have to join! Woo Natsuki, Monika, Saori or Yuri!

Something much more sinister is going on with these beautiful high school girls. This visually incie game lulls you into a false sense of security as you go through the motions free pc indie games any ordinary страница simulator.

Find out the truth and why everyone is falling free pc indie games frer. Chances are slim to none. Millions of dead are rampaging through gaems city, and they indke starving. There’s no cure, but with a steady flow of pills you can stave off the infection, for a time.

Test your resourcefulness, team skills, and decide whether you’ll survive in No More Room in hell. Oc more Room free pc indie games Hell uses realism to its advantage. Just as in real life you have to determine moments to help others, or fend for yourself. It makes your heart race as you have to decide, is it worth the stamina or not, do you shoot or run. The best part of this game is its melee weapons.

The heftiness about each swing gives wonderful satisfaction to knocking out zombies with certain weapons; you can really send those zombies flying. Help lndie art student Ann navigate the eerie halls of the schools after she gets locked in for breaking a rule. Discover the secrets lying deep within. Call your doctor about the heart palpitations after each chase scene. With multiple endings and easy gaems, this is a must-have for your horror game library!

Ann is a true modern homage to early RPG Horror. The characters are easy to connect to with different and interesting backstories. Ann can definitely be completed within a few hours and it’s a game worth playing. Descend into madness in Cry of fear. A young man searches for the answers in a deserted town filled with nightmares and monsters.

This unique game can be played single-player or co-op of up to four free pc indie games. Sink hours with your friends, with multiple free pc indie games and an emphasis on lateral thinking.

Cry of fear was originally created as a half-life mod making the gameplay recognizable and comfortable. While there are moments of cheap jumpscares the plotline and actual gameplay make this game Horrifying. Run for your life and you better run fast. Dark Deception is a fast-paced horror arcade game. Follow the map, collect crystals and avoid monsters! Imagine, Pacman but scary. Each level has its own unique AI monster coming for you to avoid. This game feels like a free cup head with how difficult it is.

Even easy free pc indie games puts your skills to the test. It also has a unique dark humor that few horror games can successfully pull off without coming off as tactless.

Before he returns home he must face the hellish nightmares of his past. Playing into the fact that our protagonist is a journalist you get a camera. This classic point-and-click mystery take it to a new level of creepy. If you’re a fan of retro adventure games and classic horror movies, this title is something you should try out now. Can you trust your friends?

Use your gut instincts and find the infected gamss they can get you. Idnie your objectives with your friends before the lights turn out and the infected turn into horrific monsters.

Vote out suspicious players but be careful of who you accuse, they could be innocent. Frfe to escape and survive from the infected. They could very well be the person standing next to you, or you. As an infected you turn into a gnarling, gnashing monster and hunt your prey. Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 09 Jan pm. BY: Chloe Brogan. Growing up like in a town like Footloose in rural Ohio video games, movies and books gaames my only escape from monotony.

I now spend my life helping others explore the world free pc indie games their living room. Gamer Больше информации Log in or register to post comments.


Free pc indie games


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The game has a unique idea: after death, the player chooses the heir to his hero and accepts his role, and the new character will not be ideal thin, fat, giants, dwarfs, color blind, and so on. Thus, each of your attempts to clear the castle will be unique besides, the levels randomly. The castle divides into several areas, in each of which monsters and a boss await you. After the defeat, you can spend the found coins to upgrade your skills.

CPU 1. A survival game in a dark world. The main character is the scientist Wilson, who captures by a demon and sent to his world. He will have to survive by adapting to local conditions, but soon you will realize that you need to play by special rules in this place. For example, the hero needs to maintain his sanity. Otherwise, he will go crazy and start seeing monsters. Sometimes hell hounds will come for your soul, from which you will have to fight back.

Wilson can invent various devices and even portals to other worlds. Third-person action RPG. You will learn the story of the girl Red, who wants to take revenge on the organization that attempted on her life. In an unequal struggle with her enemies, the heroine has a serious argument in the form of a two-handed sword Transistor. You can play the game simultaneously in two modes: planning and in real-time. You can choose a sequence of commands for the character at the planning stage, and he will automatically perform them.

The hero can pumps by choosing abilities when moving to a new level. Transistor was created by the developers of Bastion and also received a lot of positive reviews. We recommend playing even if your PC is not weak. RAM 4 GB. Disk space 3 GB. In Airships: Conquer the Skies, you will feel like a designer: you have to build a flying ship from scratch from various modules and test it, conquering the skies. The action takes place in a steampunk universe, but at the same time, there are fantastic creatures for example, huge monsters.

Naturally, your creation can tests for strength by going into battle with NPCs or other players. Ships are completely destructible they can explode, catch fire, fall apart.

The idea implementes at the highest level, and therefore Airships: Conquer the Skies has earned a place in our top. Video card With MB memory. Disk space 1 GB. A series of humorous strategies dedicated to the life of prisoners in prison. Once behind bars, you will come up with an escape plan. But how will you get free? Agree with the guards? Will you raise a riot? Dig a tunnel with a spoon? The number of escape scenarios is extremely impressive.

There are many different prisons available for gamers, with over items including craft. Disk space 4 GB. The game attracts primarily with high-quality graphics and music. You play as the Tramp, who, with access to advanced technology, travels through the ruins of the old world in search of a rare medicine.

The player invites to gradually discover and explore locations where he will stumble upon common enemies and bosses. Disk space 2 GB. Fun, ridiculous situations and a great excuse to spend time with friends — this can be described as the funny platformer Human: Fall Flat, in which faceless heroes overcome various obstacles. It is not easy for them to give in to them since the game implements realistic physics of bodies, and therefore the characters are clumsy dolls that can easily trip over a pebble and fly off into the abyss.

Human: Fall Flat is perfect for playing with friends, even if they have a weak PC. The co-op mode supports up to 8 players, and you can complete the levels, both official and those created by enthusiasts in the Steam Workshop.

Disk space 0. The Desolate Hope is a game developed by Scott Cawthon. You might know that name since he developed a little series called Five Nights at Freddy’s. The Desolate Hope is a different breed than FNaF though, with you playing a walking coffee pot robot taking care of several computers being ravaged by viruses. It’s a strange but compelling game, mixing action platforming with JRPG and bizarre sci-fi. You can download The Desolate Hope here.

A Dark Room came to prominence last year when it was released as a paid mobile app. However, the game’s also playable for free in a browser and it’s pretty darn good, one of the better text adventures to show up in years. You play as someone waking up in a dark room only capable of stoking a fire at first. As ADR goes on, the player is able to gain more abilities and explore the world, metaphorically as well as literally lighting up the darkness.

You can play A Dark Room here. The static speaks my name is a spooky first-person exploration game about a dude who’s obsessed with a painting. Takes about 10 minutes to play. You can grab the static speaks my name here.

Cry Of Fear. Cry Of Fear is the second Half-life-mod-turned-free-standalone-game on this list and, like Sven Co-op, it’s a mod that was in development for several years. It’s also pretty darn spooky and one of the more impressive total conversions out there with a unique setting and a plethora of effective jump scares.

You can grab Cry of Fear here. Dwarf Fortress. So you like systems huh? Games that punish you harshly? Hi, let me introduce you to your newest addiction: Dwarf Fortress, a ridiculously complex game that’s half-management, half-roguelike. You’re probably going to fail a lot in this game, but that’s okay because in Dwarf Fortress nothing lasts forever.

You can download Dwarf Fortress here. Know any great free indie games we didn’t mention here? Let us know in the comments below. Join Sign In. Post Tweet Email. Follow Us.


Free pc indie games

At first glance, Doki Doki Literature Club might not seem like it’s a free pc indie games for everyone, and while it certainly isn’t, curious gamers may think that for the wrong reasons. What’s Popular. Monster Hug is free at Itch for a limited time August 2, 0.

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