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Your Guide to Chat Etiquette in the Workplace | Microsoft

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Microsoft Teams Etiquette: 20 Do’s And Don’ts You Need To Hear

Do people really care how you message each other? Mar 28, , pm EDT. Use announcements appropriately. Use background blur to minimize distractions.


Microsoft teams video meeting etiquette.How to present your video and content side by side in a Microsoft Teams meeting


Instant messaging at work What should you consider before you bring the ping? Here are some best practices for messaging your colleagues on a workplace chat platform: Choose the right mode. Should you send an email, an IM, or a meeting invite? Choose which to use based on workstreams, recipient, and topic.

Here are some rules of thumb: Use IM or chat for internal teams and ongoing collaborations, but use email for summarizing projects with external working groups or stakeholders.

Move rapid back-and-forth conversations from email threads to quick IMs. If written IMs prove unclear, offer to jump on a quick voice call. Set notifications so that you respond quickly. You can also save, bookmark, and pin important chat conversations. If you get overwhelmed by notifications, toggle off all but your highest priorities. Familiarize yourself with accessibility guidelines.

Get it today for you and your entire organization! Meetings are their own beast. Want to more tips? Teams is a full-fledged telephony solution, too. Not all of us are already fluent in how to deal with online phone calls and video conferences. Here are some of the ways you can ensure a positive experience when using Teams. Anyone not in the Team will not have access to the associated chat.

The meeting organizer can manage whether participants are presenters or attendees. Presenters have more abilities than attendees, like being able to mute others, share their screen, or boot someone out of a meeting.

Teams meetings can show up to 9 people gallery view , up to 49 people large gallery view , or bring cutouts of each participant together on a single background Together Mode.

You can also pin and spotlight people so the right people stay on the screen. Plenty of people will forget to mute themselves. The videos can be useful for training and for people who were absent. Teams can even auto-transcribe what was said. Meeting recordings will automatically appear in the meeting chat and in the Meeting Recap in Teams after the meeting. Almost all features are currently supported e.

Need to take that call on the go after you already joined on your laptop? Open the appointment on your smartphone to seamlessly transfer the call to your phone and vice versa.

Apps are useful not only in Team channels, but also within meetings. Add them for extra visualization capabilities and more interactive workshops whenever you need them.

The various apps range from streamlined agendas to virtual whiteboards. Add an app to your meeting using the meeting menu and check our recommendations or find your favorite app all by yourself! Decisions: Plan your meetings creating a live schedule, discuss agenda items, and run better meetings with integrated timekeepers and Microsoft Planner integration. Whiteboard: Use the Microsoft Whiteboard app to visualize what you are collaborating on. The newly refreshed app now offers a broad range of presets, visuals, and better support for collaboration with mouse and keyboards.

Forms: Add live polls to your meeting so you can gage interest and keep your meeting interactive. Add the Microsoft Forms app to your meeting before you start. Sven Seidenberg is a Microsoft advocate and Microsoft Teams geek. He started in internal sales for network products and had his first contact with Office during his studies. A few months and a dozen of read blog posts and documentations later, he started his first projects. Sven speaks at various events and blogs for different publications as a guest writer.

He consults with various organizations to develop procedures and best practices on how Microsoft apps and services can best help them work more productively and efficiently. His focuses on Microsoft Teams, adoption, and the Power Platform. He is a top contributor on the Microsoft Tech Communities and can be found weekly on the Teams Tuesday webcasts as a technical resource. With tools and resources to help explain the ecosystem to everyday workers, jumpto has supported hundreds of thousands of Office users worldwide when deciding which tool to use when, understanding what each app does, and more.

The popular Periodic Table of Office is your source for free self-service support and is now available as a premium version to customize to your IT service catalog.

Embed it in your SharePoint intranet today. The info is on Teams so why should you have to update other apps too? Avoid workplace silos by ensuring every team is connected regardless of their choice of collaboration app. Your Slack users stay in Slack and Teams fans stay in Teams. If you know, you know. So this also applies to Slack etiquette and any other chat app that supports asynchronous communication.

To do this, select Join or create a team in the bottom left-hand corner of your Teams app. You could, of course, create a new team for announcement purposes only. In this case, mentioning everyone is par for the course.

Use it at the right time. They will get a notification either way. If someone has typed a line message, consider what the alternative could have been there.

Maybe it could have been a video message or not everybody needed to see it and it was better placed in a chat message. Many sites now allow you to set up a virtual background so that they cannot see your real background. Show your face at least periodically during the meeting. People feel more connected if they can actually see each other.

Plus, the host may want to see that you are in fact listening. Check to make sure your audio and video settings are what your want them to be — whether muted or unmuted; turned on or off. Do not record the meeting unless everyone knows you are doing that and has agreed to being recorded. End the meeting on time. People need a break between all of these video meetings. Sometimes these meetings are even tougher if you are standing all day or cooped up in one room and not getting any exercise.

Taking a short break in between is really needed. Remember, think about a video call like a face-to-face meeting. While you may not have to drive or walk to the meeting, you still need to be professional while you are on the call. With all of these video meetings taking over our lives, a sense of humor and a smile can go a long way to making the meetings more pleasant for everyone! This is a BETA experience. You should strive both to have all the necessary people in your audience and no unnecessary people.

This applies to video meetings and Teams chats. Being pulled into too many meetings is a common complaint in the business world, as is needing to repeat information between multiple groups. Ideally, in Teams, you should strive to maintain a single source of truth. People should be able to find the information they need consistently.

Good documentation can help to overcome many of these issues. The above tips will help you to master Microsoft Teams etiquette. However, you cannot harness the full power of Teams if you are not using the Microsoft Cloud. Cloudficient can help you to migrate your existing data from legacy systems to Office Contact us today to learn more about our services. With unmatched next generation migration technology, Cloudficient is revolutionizing the way businesses retire legacy systems and transform their organization into the cloud.

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