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Autodesk robot structural analysis professional 2014 user guide pdf free.Unlock educational access to Autodesk products

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Autodesk robot structural analysis professional 2014 user guide pdf free.Product Keys AUTODESK 2015


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Flag for inappropriate content. Download now. For Later. Jump to Page. Search inside document. The selected elements may be edited in a new window.

To do so, one should press the Eclt in New Window icon [A – after selecting the required elements. There will appear a new window viewer with the selected element.

Tables Structure parameters may be modified by means of the relevant tables. The adobe premiere pro free relevant to the current layout become visible, when one enters the layout.

There will appear the Tables: Data and Results dialog box. A table containing data will be generated for each of the indicated items. Once the Edit tab is activated in the bottom left corner of a given table, one may perform the operation of modifying structure parameters.

Structural axes Itis possible to modify the position of structural axes during the design process. Once the Select option is chosen except when one is in the START layoutone should double-click the symbol numbering referring to the required axis, which results in the appearance of the below-presented dialog box used for structural axis modification. Test the operation of, Particular options.

The available tabs allow one to get access to the data on structure parameters. Default options Once the 3 icon the third one icon in the bottom left comer of the screen is pressed, the program restores the default attributes presented on screen. Robobat Polske Sp. Structure geometry 1. Proposed model of a 2D frame Proposed scheme of the frame RC beam x, columns x Structural axes definition Click the Axis Deftriton 82! Tab X: -4; 0; 6; 12; 4 — Set Numbering to: 1, 2, and Tab Z: 0; 3.

To define the B x section, one should: — Set RC Beam option located in the Section Type field, — Set in the b field, — Set in the h field, — End the operation by pressing the Add button the newly defined section appears in the Bar Sections dialog box. To define the UC xx89 section, one should: — Set Stee!

Repeat the operation for UB xx54 section then close the New Section dialog box. Close the Sections dialog box. The program will apply supports to the three selected nodes, which will be displayed in the View Viewer. Robobet Polska Sp. The screen will be divided into three parts: graphical viewer, Loads table and Load Types dialog box. Go to the Apply To field in the Load Definition dialog box; the mouse cursor will change from the choice mode into the selection mode.

Then, indicate beams 4,5,6,7 in the graphical viewer with the Ctrl button pressed, click on the bars. The bar numbers will appear in the Apply To autodesk robot structural analysis professional 2014 user guide pdf free. Apply this load to elements 6 and 7 Robobat Polska Autodesk robot structural analysis professional 2014 user guide pdf free. Select the left columns bar No.

Select the left beam bar No. Select the right columns bar No. Select the right beam перейти на страницу No. Go to the Loads table. The Edit tab allows one to modify the existing loads and define new ones. Load Combinations defined manually Open 3-loads file We can create load combinations using two methods.

In the Factor edit field introduce the new value 1. Close the dialog box by pressing the Close button. Move the 1 to 5 load cases to the List of Cases in Combination dialog box. By means of the 13! The fist solution allows one to control the factors for each separate case Le. If the Auto option is set, the factor will assume the value defined in the Combination Factors dialog box Confirm the creation of the COMB1 load combination by pressing Apply button. Robotat Polska Sp.

The screen will be divided into three parts: the graphical viewer View, the Reactions table and the Diagrams dialog box. Restore the default attributes of the structure view by clicking the 32!

Supports, sections, numbers of nodes and bars and the dimension lines should disappear. If one selects only some of the structure elements in the View window, then, only autodesk robot structural analysis professional 2014 user guide pdf free elements will be visible in the new window.

Confirm the selection by clicking Ссылка на продолжение. Introduce the cursor into the Cases list box upper toolbar and change the load cases by means of keyboard cursors up and down arrows and observe the results in the View window. If necessary, re- scale the drawing by means of the Normalize button. Leave the default name and confirm by clicking OK.

Disable the display of autodesk robot structural analysis professional 2014 user guide pdf free by switching off the Deformation checkbox in the Deformation tab. Confirm by clicking Apply. Check out the Horizontal option in the Diagram Description field of the Parameters tab. Then, click the Open a New Window option at the bottom of the dialog box.

As before, look through the results for all cases – the Case Selection dialog box. Prepare screen captures for the cases with combinations 7: Comb 1. Leave the default name. Close the window with the diagram by means of the Exit button. Set filtering according to load cases in the top left comer i. Detailed analysis of bars in graphical form Select the Table Columns option from the context menu. Check out the display of RY rotations in the Displacements tab. Confirm by clicking OK. Leave the default name and press OK.

The screen will be divided into two parts: the View graphical viewer and the Detailed Analysis dialog box. Check out the Open a new window checkbox at the bottom of the dialog box. Press the Apply button. The currently, opened window is divided into two parts: the top one contains results in graphical form, while the bottom one displays the results in the form of a table.

Activate the display of horizontal descriptions in the Parameters tab click Horizontal in the Diagram Description field. Go to the Division Autodesk robot structural analysis professional 2014 user guide pdf free tab. Click the NV points along bar length option and type 10 in the field beside. Press Apply. The window with results will display results S max stress values for 10 points evenly distributed over bar length.


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