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Free Premiere Pro Project – Gentle Photo Slideshow.Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects CC Readymade Wedding Templates

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Hey everyone, it’s class project time, an exciting one. I feel like we’ve got our skills to a certain point where, “Man, we can do quite a bit in Premiere Pro now. What I want you to do is close down everything you’ve got. So close down the project, save it.

We’re going to start a new project, a new sequence. We’re going to focus on the Pre-wedding, kind of like what we’ve been doing now, but this one with a lot more artistic license, this is up to you. I’m going to give you a brief. You can use all the stock that I’ve got in the exercise files. So where is it? All the footage that we’ve– you’ve done– you’ve had a little look through it so far. I want you to use as much or as little as you want.

In terms of, if you want the un-watermarked version, you can go to bringyourownlaptop. It doesn’t matter, you can use the watermarked stuff if you like. I want you to– just use the techniques we’ve kind of learned up until now. I’m going to show you where to get some inspiration in a second, but there will be things where you’re like, “Oh, why haven’t we done that yet? So let’s look at some of the inspiration. What I do, the easiest way is to type in ‘wedding showreal’ into YouTube.

It’s not, not simple, oh, not hard at least. Wedding Showreal and Showreal together actually give you different results. Showreal’s generally what, say a professional wedding videographer will call it. That’s what we’re looking for. So what you do is click on a few of these, Queenstown, that’s in the southern part of my country.

This is a really cool one, you just watch a bit of them. I got mute on, ah, this is proper 4K, and you can just watch a few of them. If you’re saying, “Hey, why can’t we do the Flaming Text intro?

Queenstown Wedding, because this– like, you might get a little bit, like– “Why are we doing the– we don’t have a helicopter, to drop the bride and groom off in this particular one. So the term Wedding Showreal, or another good one is, just Our Wedding, you end up with lots of celebrity weddings, which might be perfect, but it’s a good way to kind of get ideas of, like how you might stitch it together, tell a story.

If you did already plan to go and buy the, their Wedding, there’s more footage than I’ve got in our exercise files. You might find some other stuff in there. Also note that I picked this one because I really liked the couple, and it’s a little bit more realistic, in terms of the types of footage I get. Some of these other ones are higher production levels– how do I be kind? They’re just better filmed.

They have, they’ve got better technology, the gimbals, they’ve got all sorts of cool stuff. So these two weddings, if you want to edit these later on, it’s practicing, they tend to be a better end result, because the footage itself is just a little bit more polished. All right, so that’s for inspiration. Again, choose music, so if you– you can pick a new music track if you want to. Russ cuts, sorry, rough cuts. The process I want you to do, I want you to do the editing in the Source Window.

Remember, just doing our quick little in-and-out rough cuts. Then do your Color Correction, then do your Color Grading. That’s the kind of general purpose flow, for when you’re doing editing like this.

I’d like you to have at least three transitions. I won’t be mad, well, disappointed, but I won’t judge you on anything. I just want you to practice doing transitions, really. You’re going to have to add text, doesn’t have to be at the beginning, or the end, or the middle, it can be anywhere. Doesn’t have to be just all thrown at the front there. You’re going to add the name of the bride and the groom, and the date. I want you to– I’ve left it not written in here, just so that you can go check the paper work.

You get a two-week work result in one moment. The project includes 18 unique titles. Dynamic festive animation, unique design, handpicked free fonts and the ability to change color and text.

Decorate your video for the holidays and surprise your family, clients or friends. Made in 4k. Adjustable to different areas of interest, marketing, business, economy, or corporate world, a well-organized file will make an excellent Christmas wish logo. Therefore, you can effortlessly reach your audience in the most creative way possible. Create stunning visuals, and immerse your audience in a universe that they will never forget.

It gives you the ability to create absolutely stunning video clip with your images and titles. Just paste your photos and change titles — You are ready to render! To use this project you should have Premiere Pro software. You should use Your Pictures or Videos and Titles. Images and music track You have seen in preview are not included.

Glitch Transitions Pack 4K. Animated Christmas Card! A pack of hand painted, floral, watercolour wedding titles with golden and silver frame elements. Typo Transitions v2 this is new version a cool and amazing transitions for your shows, interviews, vlog. This project will help you add unique and cool transitions to your ideas.

They are easy to use.



Adobe premiere pro cc wedding projects free download free download

Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Essentials Training | Class Project 04 – Pre Wedding. What is the difference between After Effects & Premiere Pro FREE. Project. Download free wedding titles to use in Premiere Pro and After Effects. Enhance your wedding video edits by using these free assets. Edius & Premiere Pro Manual Projects Cinematic Content Video Editing Tips Project & Solution 20 Lighthouse Wedding Luts Pack Download Free | Adobe.


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